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Comments for 'A Marine Named Peters: This Time it's Snowboarding'

12:00 am | November 30, -0001
Sergeant B
12:00 am | November 30, -0001
This is good. But it doesn't make sense. Why would Peters talk to a grunt? He would just kill him.This isn't bullshit, our a bastard-like series, okay? And not many grammar or spelling errors either. Or maybe none, I didn't really count and I don't recall seeing one. Oh well.
Brendan Harther
12:00 am | November 30, -0001
Nice one Gladi.. whatever.
I really like it. No grammar or spelling errors I think. And this is not ass on the seat or a bastard thing.
12:00 am | November 30, -0001
GLADATRRR3000, you've once again proved yourself one of the best authors at HBO. Just a few comments, though:

"Peeterz" seemed to rig up his plasma cannon system in a few seconds time. It lacked description.

What happened to the other two Marines? You could at least have Peters wondering if they're still alive.

And two thousand is barely anything. A Colonel or a Brigadier's command, at most. Especially with all those ships flying around, you'd think they could at least manage to come up with a division from the bellies of those flying beasts. Then again, Peters might be the only human left alive on the planet. In that case, I shut up.

9.8/10. I wanna hear more!

Semper Fi

12:00 am | November 30, -0001
it was alright. read my stories. They are cuteies!
12:00 am | November 30, -0001
i rlly liked it! woohoo! ur an awesome writer, so keep writing! if u write more, tell me and ill read them! good job!

(seriously tho...ur an awesome writer)
Vi3tl3l3oi 023
12:00 am | November 30, -0001
fatass from simpsons: longest name ever....

well... its a good story... keep it up.
12:00 am | November 30, -0001
i believe that fat ass is named 'the comic book guy'
...and good story
12:00 am | November 30, -0001
nice yet again
12:00 am | November 30, -0001
very good
12:00 am | November 30, -0001
You gonna finish Corrupt? Hope so.
12:00 am | November 30, -0001
I just finished reading all of the stories in this series and it Rocks!!

I didn`t even notice any spelling mistakes which i still have a bit of a problem with for my works.

Keep up the good work and I hope we get to see more of Peeterz kicking some covie ass soon.