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Posted By: GLADIATRRR3000<gladiatrrr2002@hotmail.com>
Date: 19 August 2003, 11:48 PM

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"It's even better!"
559 stared in amazement. Before him stood a one hundred foot tall behemoth. It appeared to be some battle armor, but battle armors were never this big. It seemed to look like the MJOLNIR that they once wore, but it had... additions. There were large cannons on the "shoulders" and what appeared to be a flamethrower on the right "hand". The words "Walking Fortress" were painted on the chest plate. There was a small operator's box in the head, which seemed to be filled with knobs and switches. It took 559 a good ten seconds to notice that people were staring at them.
One man yelled, another pulled out a gun. 559 put a bullet into each man's head, and looked around. Dozens more were scurrying away, but he did not notice the one climbing into the "Walking Fortress". When the hatch into the operator's box closed, the armor began to move. Slowly at first, but became incredibly fast for something that size. "559... what do we do?" 778 asked worriedly.
"If it's a threat, we neutralize it." Said 559, still watching it.
The Walking Fortress turned to face 559 and 778 and raised its arm. They both ducked out of the way just in time. Flame erupted from it and burned and melted everything it touched. 559 could hear 778 scream but took no notice of it. He was looking for a weakness, something that could destroy it. An exterior power switch perhaps. He could find nothing. "778! RUN!" he yelled. He exited the bunker, 778 following him. He ran for his motorcycle, but it seemed to just get farter and farter away, like in a bad dream. A loud noise behind him made him turn his head. The armor had run through the wall and thrown metal and pipes everywhere. 778 ducked as a sharp metal stake skimmed her head. The armor paused for a moment and seemed to tremble. The large humming emitting from it stumbled and died. 778 slowed down to look, but 559 yelled, "NO! KEEP RUNNING!"
Just then the power must have been turned back on, because the humming started again. The armor jolted and jumped. It turned to face 559 and 778, and began to walk slowly towards them. 559 was now 75 feet from his motorcycle and ran faster. He reached it and turned it on. 778 hopped onto the back and 559 gunned the engine. He accelerated faster than what was probably good for the bike. He checked his speed: 75 miles per hour, and yet the armor was gaining on them. One of the shoulder-mounted guns turned towards them and opened fire. It was just as powerful as a warthogs LAAG gun, but fired faster. The ground exploded in front of them. 559 turned sharply to avoid the new crater and looked back. The armor had paused, but began to run at them again. Every time it took a shot, it had to be powered down for a moment. This gave 559 an idea. "Drive!" he told 778. She immediately took over driving for him and 559 jumped off. Hopefully, this would work.
The Walking Fortress didn't seem to notice him. It kept on running towards 778 and took another 50 round burst. It paused and 559 jumped on one of the feet and climbed up the leg. Luckily for him, it had hand and foot holes to grab onto. The armor fired another 50 round burst and paused. 559 climbed up onto the chest and onto the shoulder. He began to look for the entry hatch. Then he saw it. He grabbed onto it and waited for it to fire once more. Seconds later, it did, and 559 pulled with all his might. The door creaked open, very slowly. The power was still out, and 559 squeezed through the small opening just as it came back to life. The door shut hard behind him, and 559 knew if he had been one second slower, that door would have killed him. The operator turned to look at where the noise came from and screamed. 559 walked over to the chair in which he was sitting, grabbed the man's face, and squeezed. His head caved in like an overripe cantaloupe. Brains dribbled over 559's hands and onto the floor. 559 wiped them onto the dead man's uniform and pushed the corpse onto the floor.
He found a button labeled "External Stereo" and saw a microphone on top of it. He pressed the button and said, "778, it's clear." A second later, he could hear, "778, it's clear." emitting from outside. He looked onto a small screen and saw 778 on his motorcycle slowly coming towards the armor. "Don't worry. It's safe."