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A Marine Named Peters: From One Crash To Another
Posted By: GLADIATRRR3000<gladiatrrr2002@hotmail.com>
Date: 14 August 2003, 12:42 AM

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       "What are they doing?"
       Peters saw, but he did not understand. A quarter mile away were around 500 Covenant soldiers. They appeared to be spreading out in all directions. Banshees flew overhead, and dropships landed to pick up troops. Peters could hear Elites yelling and Grunts barking. He crawled behind a rock and peered over the top. How am I going to take down these guys? he wondered. All I have is an MA5B, two extra magazines of ammo, and a grenade! They have hundreds of troops!
       A dropship flew overhead. It went a few hundred feet past Peters, turned back, and hovered over him. It fired a few plasma shots, which Peters dodged, then flew towards the Covenant ship. "Oh, shit." Peters said. Almost immediately, several Banshees raced towards him. "Uh, oh."
       Peters ran. He didn't care where. He just needed to get away from the plasma raining down around him. He was soaking wet from the fountains of water bursting out of the ground, due to the superheated plasma melting the snow around him. The Banshees pasted overhead, flew over a small hill, then turned around. Peters hid behind a tree when they fired. The tree caught fire and Peters got out from under it just as it collapsed. Peters tripped, hit the ground, and stood up. He made a large snowball and threw it at an incoming Banshee. Why the hell did I think that would do anything? he wondered.
       The snow hit the Banshee in the front. The Banshee did a few sharp turns, fired more plasma, then flew into a cliff. Peters stood, amazed. The snow had blinded the driver. His mouth opened wide and he grabbed more snow. He threw it again at another Banshee. The Banshee hit a tree.
       Peters pulled out his assault rifle and turned off the safety. He aimed at the nearest Banshee and pulled the trigger. Bullets pinged off the armor. One bullet, however, hit one of the wings and blew it off. The Banshee barrel-rolled into the ground and burst into flames. One Banshee was left. It went low to the ground in attempt to run over him. He dove out of the way and rolled. The Banshee hit a snow dune and stopped. The driver got out and shook his head. It looked like he was stunned. Peters ran up and pointed his gun at the Elite's head. The Elite kicked it out of Peters' hands. Peters grabbed its leg, twisted its foot, and flipped the Elite backwards. The Elite hit the ground.
       Peters jumped on top of it and began to punch its head over and over. Peters' fists hurt due to the shield, but the shield flickered and faded. Peters continued hitting it. The Elite tried to sit p, but Peters punched it in the stomach. It yelled and fell back to the ground. Peters again punched the Elite's head. A fang fell out of the Elite's mouth and the Elite coughed up blood. Peters hit the Elite in its face. The Elite tried to hit Peters back, but Peters grabbed its hand and bit it. Peters stood and began kicking the Elite. He kicked it in the torso over and over. The Elite tried to roll away, but Peters Ran up to it and grabbed its legs. He began to spin it. Once they were both spinning, he let go of it and it crashed into a tree. Peters walked up and broke a branch off of the tree and began to beat the Elite with it. More teeth fell out of the Elite's mouth. Ribs broke, veins popped. Peters' mind turned off with all of the violence. Long after the Elite was dead, he continued to hit it. Finally, too tired to hit any more, he collapsed into the snow, breathing hard.
       Peters thought he heard the Elite breath so he stood up and kicked its face again. The helmet broke and blood poured out. Peters walked over to his gun and picked it up. He made sure the barrel wasn't filled with snow and picked up the plasma rifle the Elite was carrying. He walked over to the Elite's Banshee and examined it. It looked fine, so Peters crawled inside and looked around. It appeared very simple. There was one button and two levers. Peters pressed the button and the Banshee hummed to life. He pushed forward on one lever and the Banshee shot forward. He pulled back on the other and the Banshee rose. It took a while for Peters to get used to the controls, but he got the hang of it. He flew over the mountains, hoping to find Karls and Madison. He looked everywhere around the mountain, then finally, the crash site. When he passed over it, the Banshee went into a hail of bullets. Peters screamed and dove the Banshee into a snow dune. On impact, the control panel set fire and Peters screamed again. He crawled out and a bullet hit him in the foot.
       "OW! GODDAMN IT! THANKS A LOT, YOU IDIOTS!" he yelled.
       "Holy crap! It's Peters! How the hell did you survive that fall?" said Karls, running over.
       "LUCK! DAMN, YOU SHOT MY FOOT!" Peters yelled. Madison was laughing. "Shut up!" yelled Peters. He pulled out his MA5B and shot Madison in the foot.
       "DAMN IT!" Madison yelled. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?"
       "YOU SHOT MY FOOT!"
       Peters heard Karls laughing, so he shot his foot, too. "OW! WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT?"

**Two hours and a roll of bandages later**

       "How are we going to get off this planet with no ship?" asked Madison.
       "And without supplies?" asked Karls.
       "And with hundreds of Covenant a mile away." Said Peters.
       Karls and Madison yelled at the same time. "WHAT? HUNDREDS??"
       "Yeah." Said Peters. "After I fell off the cliff, I saw them. They sent a few Banshees after me. I stole one and took down the rest."
       Karls smiled. "You're good at taking down Banshees."
       "What do you mean?" Peters asked.
       "I was at Alpha Base. I was in the warthog that picked you up. Remember? No, of course you don't. You were too tired to remember." Karls laughed. "You took down, what? Four or five Banshees by yourself? It should've taken ten men and a prayer to take them down."
       "Dear Yahweh! You took down how many by yourself?" asked Madison.
       "Yahweh?" Karls asked.
       "I took down around five by myself." Peters said.
       "Yahweh?" Karls asked.
       "Five? That's amazing. And you just took down some today!"
       "Yahweh???" asked Karls.
       "SHUT UP KARLS!" Peters yelled.
       "I'm glad I'm on your side." Madison yelled. "But what are we going to do with all of the Covenant?"
       "Well, we can't get off the planet. We're outnumbered. We have no supplies. I think we should just take down as many as we can before we get killed." Peters said.
       "Seems like an idea. That's what the army pays us for, anyway." Madison said.
       "Hold up." Karls said. "YOU GET PAID???"
       Peters paused. "Yeah. You thought you do this for free?"
       "HAHAHA!" Laughed Madison. "Are you this dumb all of the time?"
       "Hey!" said Karls, tackling Madison.
       Peters walked over to the Banshee and picked up a sharp piece of metal. He could use this as a knife. He walked over to the Pelican, now covered in snow. He held his breath and walked inside. He rummaged through the bodies looking for ammo. He found a sniper rifle with five extra magazines, a pistol with 10 extra magazines, and 24 magazines for a MA5B. He slumped outside and tried to wash the blood and guts off of the guns. Every now and then he'd hear an "OW! Watch the foot!" or "YOU POKED MY EYE, YOU BASTARD!" from behind him. He finished cleaning the guns and stood up.
       "Guys! Shut up and stop wrestling. I found some guns and ammo. Karls, you get the sniper. Madison, do you want the pistol?"
       "No thanks. I'll just use my assault rifle." He replied.
       Peters pocketed the M6D and the ammo. "Ok, Madison has three magazines of ammo, Karls has three, and I'll take the extra ammo. Just tell me if you need more."
       They all jumped when they heard plasma fire. Ten Elites were standing a hundred feet away and firing their plasma rifles. Peters, Karls, And Madison ducked, readying their weapons. Karls was the first to notice. "Why aren't they shooting at us?"
       "What are they shooting at?" asked Madison.
       Peters looked back and yelled. "They're melting the snow! Avalanche!"