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A Marine Named Peters: Sledding is Fun, Unless the Covenant Are Behind You
Posted By: GLADIATRRR3000<gladiatrrr2002@hotmail.com>
Date: 10 August 2003, 10:35 PM

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       "The Covenant are already here?"
       "You were out for a good five hours." Said Madison, bandaging Peters' arm.
       "What are we going to do?" Karls asked. "We have no supplies, no extra ammunition, and no shelter. Except for the Pelican, and I don't think anyone wants to sleep in there."
       Peters pictured the interior of the Pelican and shuddered. "No, we are not sleeping in there. Besides, in a few minutes the Covenant will search for the Pelican and kill any survivors. We need to get out of here."
       "Those lights I saw," Madison said. "It could be a small village. Maybe some people live here."
       "Yeah, good idea." Peters said. "And besides, you are the commanding officer here. What you say we have to do."
       "Commanding officer, my ass. I just became Sergeant. You were a Lieutenant for what, a few months?"
       "Yeah, but I was demoted to Private. Didn't you know about my trial?"
       "Who didn't?" Madison laughed. "You're a celebrity. Which is a bad thing if the Covenant have intercepted any radio transmissions. Then they would know how big a bad-ass you are and send a hunter-killer team after you."
       "Yeah, right." Peters laughed. "Like I would ever be big enough to assassinate. Lets head for the lights."

      "Is the hunter-killer team ready?"
       "Almost, Your Excellency."
       "Good, I am very pleased to hear that. This 'Peeterz' has caused too many deaths of good soldiers. He shall rue the day he was born."

       Peters rolled over onto his side, and felt a sharp pain in his leg. He braced himself for the usual pain that followed, but it never came. He looked down and saw a small lump in his pocket. He pulled it out and saw the same small rock he had found in the cave near Bravo Base. He looked at it again, and saw that the small Aztec-like symbols had changed colors. "Strange..." He muttered to himself, putting it back in his pocket.
       Peters stood up. "Let's move out." He called and the two remaining soldiers followed him. Let's hope there isn't an avalanche... he thought. Suddenly, a noise engulfed them. "What is that?" Karls yelled over the sound.
       "It sounds like a Banshee!" said Madison.
       "No. It's too big. It's a dropship. Two of them." Peters said.
       The sounds softened, and they could hear twenty Elites hop out of the dropships and landing in the cold snow. "Dammit." Peters said. "Run. Run. RUN! NOW!"
       They all bolted downhill. "It's this way!" Madison yelled, and everyone ran towards him. Peters turned around and gasped. The Elites were at the top of the mountain, but they would catch up with them in thirty seconds. Four Ghosts were barreling down the hill, four extra Elites holding on to the sides of each one. "Guys! We need to go faster!"
       "Here! Try this!" said Karls, pointing at a large piece of metal that had apparently fallen off of the Pelican when they entered the atmosphere. They all climbed on except Karls. He went behind it and pushed as hard as he could. The large sled began to move, but slowly. Peters hopped off and helped Karls. The sled started moving faster than both of them, so they dived forward and landed on it. The sled was moving incredibly fast now, and they ice-cold wind was freezing Peters' face. The Ghosts were still gaining on them, but now much slower. The sled hit a bump and started turning. "Please, no cliffs. No cliffs, no cliffs, no..."
       "CLIFF!" Madison yelled. Karls yelled like a girl and dove off the sled. Madison did the same. Peters stood to jump, but then a low branch hit the side of his head. He fell down and passed out.
       "Peters! Get off the sled!" Karls yelled, but Peters had already gone off the cliff. Peters blinked and woke up in mid air. He looked over the side of the sled and screamed. The sled began to tilt towards the side Peters was on. He rolled towards the other side and the sled evened out. He heard the yell of Elites behind him and guessed some of the Ghosts hadn't been able to stop either. Peters felt the sled hit the ground and continue moving forward. Snow erupted over the side and blanketed him. He guessed he was still alive and screamed again. He felt the falling feeling in his stomach and knew he had gone off another cliff. He heard several explosions behind him and the death cries of Elites.
       The sled landed much sooner this time and came to a stop. Peters waited for a moment and sat up. He looked behind him and gasped. The first cliff he had fallen of was easily one hundred feet. The second was thirty. Under the first cliff were the remains of three Ghosts and the broken bodies of 15 Elites. He saw plasma fire on the top of the cliffs and guessed that some Elites had survived and were fighting Karls and Madison now. A body fell over the side, but Peters couldn't tell if it was human or Covenant. Peters couldn't wait any longer. He was freezing and had to find shelter. He squinted and looked for the lights that Madison had talked about. He found them and was glad that they appeared to be close.
       The lights surrounded a strange structure. It didn't look human, but it seemed too big to be Covenant. It appeared to be hovering. Whatever it was, Peters had to go there or freeze to death. He began the hard walk. Every now and then he would stop and look at the strange rock. The Aztec-like symbols had changed colors again, now a blood-red color. Why did it change colors? No rock on Earth changed colors like this. Maybe it's radiation. Peters thought. But that doesn't explain how the markings got there... He shook off the thoughts and started walking again.
       After a half-hour of walking, he looked up and gasped. A Covenant ship was hovering one hundred feet above the ground, and hundreds of soldiers were beneath it. "My God." Peters said. "What are they doing?"