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Posted By: GLADIATRRR3000<gladiatrrr2002@hotmail.com>
Date: 4 August 2003, 4:38 AM

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"You see?" 559 asked.
"I knew that you'd be right. Again." 778 said.
559 threw down the newspaper (Massive Destruction!) and picked up another piece of meat. He tore a big chunk out of it with his perfect teeth and threw it at the wall. Whatever animal the meat had come from, it just didn't taste right. It could be the radiation, or it just could be bad meat. Either way, 559 wasn't going to finish it. He walked outside of their cave and squinted. He could see the small army outpost miles away, and everyone inside of it appeared to be mourning. Good, he thought. They'll be too busy crying to expect an attack. I doubt anyone has noticed our name on the wall yet, so we still have the element of surprise.
He went back into the cave and picked up a sniper rifle. It was modified to have 20X scope and a 6-bullet magazine. He slung it over his shoulder, picked up a MA3B, a smaller version of the MA5B, and a shotgun. He packed extra magazines and bullets for each gun. Although the multiple weapons weighed him down, he still walked silently past 778, who was cleaning a combat knife. She was an expert with blades, and loved the way they were silent. She grabbed a machete and a silenced M6D pistol and followed 559 out. 559 walked to a big bush, pushed it aside, and pulled out a motorcycle that he used to move from place to place. "I still don't see how you can get that thing up the mountain." 778 said.
"I pick it up and carry it." 559 replied.
He turned on the engine and 778 hopped on the back. He released the brake and shot down a small hill, turned a razor-sharp turn, and jumped off a 50-foot cliff. He landed perfectly and dodged a boulder. He switched gears and sped up. He was rapidly gaining speed and cleared a 20-foot gap. He got to the bottom of the mountain in a minute and switched gears again. He was easily doing 120 mph and gaining speed. When he came within 500 feet of the small outpost, he braked so suddenly 778 had to hold on. He turned off the engine, hid the motorcycle behind a large rock, and pulled out his sniper. He rested it on top of a small log, looked through the scope, and magnified it to 10X. He put a marine in his sights and pulled the trigger. Blood erupted from his neck, and his head fell to the floor. The body fell backwards and turned the surrounding ground red.
Another two marines ran over to see what happened. 559 waited until they were in a straight line, then took them both down with a single shot. He looked behind him to make sure no one was sneaking up on him, and then looked through the scope again. A lieutenant was standing near the bodies and giving orders. He zoomed into 20X and began to read his lips. "All snipers be on the lookout for one or more enemy snipers. These don't look like plasma burns, so we can only guess what went wrong." His sentence was finished with a bullet through his face.
559 could see everyone panic and begin to run. He fired three more bullets (took down five marines) and reloaded. He looked at the top of a sniper nest and put a bullet into a sniper's head, and another into his torso. He finished picking off the snipers and threw down the sniper. He signaled 778 to move in and pulled out his MA3B. They sprinted to the nearest wall and leaned against it. 778 looked around the corner and came back. "Five soldiers. They're mine." 559 nodded and 778 walked away. He could hear the swoosh of her blade and the sound of intestines hitting the ground. She dragged the bodies back to the wall and motioned "All Clear".
559 stepped around the corner, MA3B ready. He walked silently over to another bunker and saw a tower overlooking it. He squinted into the sunlight and saw the outline of a person. He was still blinded by the sunlight, but he saw the person lunge for a panel and press a button. Almost instantly, the alarm blared out of speakers. 559 put a three-round burst into the man in the tower, and his torso exploded, showering blood onto the ground one hundred feet down. 559 motioned to 778 to run forward. Just then, three soldiers ran around a corner a few hundred feet in front of them. They paused for a moment, and then opened fire. 559 and 778 had a disadvantage: they were facing the setting sun. They were too blinded to see anything, so 559 pulled out his shotgun and fired a few rounds towards the soldiers. The spread of the pellets blew two of them apart and put a quarter-sized hole into the other's leg. Just then the sun ducked behind a mountain and they could see again. 778 threw a knife at the remaining marine and in buried the shaft into his face.
They ran over to the bodies. 778 recovered her knife and put it into its scabbard. 559 turned towards her and cocked his head to the side. "Are you sure it's here? It isn't very well defended."
"Last night's nuke wasn't very well defended, and it killed millions."
"Right, as usual." 559 said. "Let's check that bunker next." He pointed to the biggest one in the outpost. It was guarded by four turrets and 25 marines.
He pulled out his sniper again and aimed for one of the turrets. He would have around five seconds before they found where the shot came from and opened fire. Too easy. He fired four bullets in four seconds. All four gunmen went down with headshots, painting the sandbags around them red. The remaining marines looked at each other. They found out screaming didn't help, as two more went down with headshots. 559 and 778 laughed as one marine choked on the blood and bones that flew through the air and down his throat. He gagged for a few seconds and fell over, turning blue. He was no longer a threat and they ignored him. 778 pulled out her machete and ran towards them. One fired a bullet from his sidearm at her, but she just deflected it with the blade. She ran up to him, shoved the blade into his stomach and pulled it out. He screamed out blood. She ended his misery by swiping her blade through his neck. He stopped screaming, and it appeared like nothing happened, but a second later, his head and his neck parted, and blood squirted out of one of the veins. It reminded 559 of a fountain, but a very grotesque one.
He pulled out his shotgun and shoved it into a nearby soldier's mouth. He could hear the man yell "No!" but that did not stop him from pulling the trigger. The back of his head erupted and left nothing behind, save for a few bits of skull and brains. He looked up and saw everyone else dead. 778 was standing in the middle of dead bodied, covered in blood. She had a cut on her right arm, but it didn't seem to bother her. She put away her machete and walked towards the door. She pulled it open and gasped in surprise. "This isn't what we wanted. It's even better!"