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Posted By: GLADIATRRR3000<gladiatrrr2002@hotmail.com>
Date: 3 August 2003, 2:30 AM

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"'Night, Carl."
"Goodnight, Frank."
As Frank walked away, Carl swore under his breath. Why did he have to stay for night watch? The base itself was damn near invisible by itself, and this particular bunker was so heavily armed that it could only be taken down by an entire army or God himself. No one knew it was there, and even people in the base didn't know what it was. And if it was so important, why did it have only one guard?
Carl shivered in the ice-cold air and stuck his hands in his pockets. He whistled to himself and looked around. The area looked clear, so he moved to the side of the path and unzipped his pants. He was about to urinate, but then a sound behind him made him turn. He thought he saw movement, black on black, shadow on shadow. He reached for his flashlight and turned it on. He saw movement to his right and turned. Standing about twenty feet away was a figure about six feet tall. "Hello?" Carl yelled. "Who's that?"
The figure started walking towards him. "Stay back!" Carl reached for his gun. "Stay back or I'll shoot!"
A raspy voice came from the figure. "You couldn't hit me if you tried."
Carl tripped over his feet and stumbled backwards. The figure took this opportunity to rush him. Carl aimed his gun at it and fired one shot. To Carl's amazement, the figure grabbed the bullet inches from his face. It laughed and dropped the bullet. "Is that everything you've got?"
Carl yelped and stood up. He began to run from the figure, but it caught up to him in less than a second. It wrapped its arms around Carl's neck and began to squeeze. With a struggled breath, Carl asked, "Who are you?"
The figure whispered into Carl's ear and said, "You made me."
The last thing Carl heard was the breaking of his neck, then everything turned black.

"Good work, 559."
"It's not enough compared to what they did to us, 778."
"It's enough for tonight."
559 laughed and hid the body of the pathetic... mortal. He turned back towards the bunker and walked towards it. There was a small key-code lock on the door. He punched through it and it sent sparks flying. The door opened and the two walked inside. 559 began to walk towards the center of the room. "Need a light?" 778 asked.
"You know I don't." 559 said. 559 could see perfectly, though the only light was from two windows letting in the moonlight. He reached the middle and saw a computer. He turned it on and sat down. It asked for a screen name and password, but 559 easily hacked into it and bypassed all security. He opened a file and saw exactly what he needed. 778 was forty feet away and could still see the computer screen perfectly. "You found it." She said.
"Yes, now lets see. The B-9456... ok. Capable of destroying a one thousand square mile chunk of this puny planet. Launch code? Hahahaha. 4497856001234. Confirm code? 4497856001234. Set launch time?" He paused for a moment. "Ten seconds."
"Ten?" 778 asked. "Isn't that a little high?"
"I want to see them panic like that puny ants they are."
559 pressed enter and heard "Launch Sequence activated. Target: New San Francisco. Time until launch: ten seconds." 559 laughed as he heard people yelling and screaming outside. He knew they were all pissing their pants in fear. Hundreds of millions of people were about to die, and they were the only ones who could stop it. But, the inevitable happened, and the countdown reached zero. 559 felt the ground rumble under his feet and knew the biggest nuke in the galaxy was lifting off the ground and leaving the atmosphere. The nuke was amazingly fast and would hit its target within twenty minutes. 559 laughed again and started to walk outside.
When he reached the door, he could see hundreds of people rushing towards the bunker to see how the nuke had launched. No one could see the lone figure standing in front of the door yet, but when they neared, every single person slowed down. "778, this is my fight." 559 said, stepping out of the shadows and into a spotlight from the nearest tower.
There was a slight pause. 559 could tell all of them were confused. One leading officer had the nerve to actually talk to 559. "Who in the hell are you?"
559 couldn't help it. He began to laugh hysterically. After ten seconds, he began to talk. "Wrong question. What am I would be more precise. I am invincible. I am power. I am the reason millions will die tonight. And I am perfect. I am everything you made me to be, but I would have given anything to undo it all. To die before the transformation had finished. To have been a normal child in this meaningless life."
559 could hear the ants muttering. Although he could hear the entire conversations with his enhanced hearing, he ignored them all. "Maniac" and "Psycho" were muttered one to many times for 559's comfort. "You think I am wrong in what I am doing? I am doing what I was meant to do! KILL! AND MY THIRST FOR BLOOD WILL NOT BE QUENCHED UNTIL EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU ARE DEAD!"
His voice echoed for a moment then he continued. "I will give you one hundred shots before I attack. Use them wisely." He then laughed and ran at them. The first bullet was fired and 559 easily dodged it. There was a moment of silence before the CRACK! of a sniper rifle was fired. 559 grabbed the bullet in midair and dropped it. He could hear gasps and screams, but he said, "I'm tired of this game. I think I'll kill you now."
He ran up to the nearest gunman and punched his skull in. He grabbed his MA5B and fired three round bursts at the nearest people. Torsos, limbs, and heads blew apart. People began to fire back. 559 picked up the nearest intact body and used it as a shield. He kept firing until the gun was empty, and then threw it at the nearest marine's crotch. 559 could hear a soft popping sound when it hit, and the marine went down, finger on his gun's trigger. The marine took the lives of five of his friends. 559 grabbed a pistol on the ground, and with expert accuracy, took down 11 men with 11 bullets. He fired one more shot and hit another marine's head. The bullet passed through his skull and hit a marine with a rocket launcher in the stomach. The marine fainted and landed on the trigger for the rocket launcher. The rocket flew towards a group of marines and blew them all apart. 559 caught a head flying by and stuffed a grenade in it's lifeless mouth. He threw it at another group of people and the shrapnel hit seven of them, the explosion took out the rest. Finally, there was only one man left standing besides 559. It was the leading officer that had talked to him as an equal. 559 walked up to him and punched him in the stomach. Blood flew out of his mouth and he slumped over.
"How could you? How could you do all this? Have you no conscience?"
"Me... no conscience. That's funny. No, really, it is. YOU judge ME, when I am only paying you back for all the pain I have suffered. Did you know your parents? Did you JOIN the army? Did you ever fall in love? I have never experienced any of these thanks to you and other pathetic humans."
With these last words, 559 took a nearby M6D pistol, put it between the marines weeping eyes, and pulled the trigger. He threw the gun onto the marine's dead torso and stood up. "It's clear, 778."
She walked out of the bunker carrying a backpack. She collected ammunition from various guns until it was full, then walked towards him. "Ready?" she asked.
"As always."
He picked up a severed arm and walked over to a wall. On the wall he wrote "Spartan Law" in blood and threw down the arm. "Spartan Law?" 778 asked. "What's that about?"
"They need to know what to fear. If we have a name, we will be known, if we are known, they will try to find us, if they try to find us, they will die."
"Good." 778 said.
"Yes, it is good. They will all pay for what they did to us. They will dread the day the Spartan project had ever started. They will all die by their own weapon. And we will kill them all."