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A Marine Named Peters: Snow Day
Posted By: GLADIATRRR3000<gladiatrrr2002@hotmail.com>
Date: 3 August 2003, 12:47 AM

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"Oh, God."
"You don't want to know."
Peters had just flown everyone out of the pan, but he also had just flown them into the fire. Sure, they escaped an exploding ship, but in front of them was a gigantic Covenant ship. It didn't seem to notice them, because if it did, they'd all be dead by now. "Anyone know how to turn this thing?" Peters asked.
"Turn the steering-wheel thingy!" someone yelled from the back.
Peters pushed down hard on the yoke (I hope that's the right word) and the Pelican dove down. They missed the Covenant ship by yards. Peters sighed and rested his head on the control panel. His forehead hit a button, but he didn't care until the words 'Self Destruct Sequence Activated 0:15' appeared on the screen in front of him. "Anyone know how to stop the self destruct sequence?" He asked.
"PRESS THE BIG BLUE BUTTON!" screamed someone from the back.
Peters looked around and saw the big blue button. He pressed it and stopped the countdown at 0:01. He sighed and leaned back. Suddenly, the screen was filled with 'Covenant Inbound'. Peters yelled and started pressing random buttons again. The Pelican sped up drastically and Peters aimed it towards the closest planet. He didn't care what it was, just as long as it had air and the Covenant weren't there. A small notice came on-screen and said that the planet had a breathable atmosphere, but didn't say if Covenant occupied the planet. "Damn, I am lucky." Peters said to himself. "If I have any more luck, I'll land near a base or something."
Peters jerked the yoke to the side to avoid some plasma fire and steadied the ship. He looked around for an instruction manual or any other thing to tell him how to fly the Pelican. He opened a few containers and found a manual. "Auto-pilot... Auto-pilot..." He muttered to himself as her looked for a way to turn on the automatic pilot. When he found it, he followed the instructions perfectly. The auto-pilot started and began to slow down to land on the planet. Even though the Pelican wasn't build to enter atmosphere in high speeds, it handled well enough. Peters stayed in the front to catch a glimpse of the planet.
As soon as they cleared the clouds, he was able to see the tips of mountains. The mountains were extremely tall and covered miles of ground in their shadows. Peters kept looking, when suddenly plasma hit one of the engines. The engine exploded and the auto-pilot shut down. The Pelican dropped instantly towards the tallest mountain in the area. Peters pulled back as hard as he could on the yoke, but it was jammed. He tried to turn on reverse thrusters to slow them down, but the internal computer had been fried.
Peters screamed at the top of his lungs. He felt the horrible feeling of freefalling for a moment, then grabbed onto his chair and buckled in. He could hear people praying and screaming in the back. He stared ahead at the mountains, rapidly getting closer and closer. He could see snow covered trees, cliffs, and huge boulders. After what seemed an eternity, the Pelican grazed the treetops, and milliseconds later, crashed into the mountain.
Peters woke up lying in ice-cold snow and clutching what remained of the yoke. He didn't know how long he had been out, but judging by the color of his skin, he had been lying in the snow long enough. He stood up and shook off his drowsiness. He reached to brush snow off his face, but screamed at sudden pain. He looked at his arm and saw a three-foot long pole piercing it. He tried to pull it out, but almost fainted at the pain. He decided to leave it in as long as necessary and walked towards the remains of the Pelican. The front had been blown off, which explained how he had gotten out alive. The back looked like it had gone through a blender, then hit with a sledgehammer over and over again. Breathing hard, Peters made his way to the back to see what had happened to the Marines.
What Peters saw made him vomit into the snow, which added green and brown to the already blood-red ground. The entire crew had been blown apart on impact. Heads, legs, and arms were thrown around like a child had ripped off the limbs of a doll. Intestines were wrapped around the walls and ceiling like some horrible decoration. Bones were cracked and thrown around. Peters couldn't look at it any more. He fainted and fell head first into the snow.
"Wake up!" Peters heard a voice cry.
"Dude, he's not going to wake up. Leave him." Said a second voice.
"No, you don't understand, this guy is invincible! He has to wake up!" The voice seemed strangely familiar...
"Leave him!"
"No! He can't die! If he can escape hundreds of Covenant, he can walk away from some crash!" Peters knew he had heard this voice before...
"Get up NOW!"
"Wake up, sir! Wake up!" Karls...?
Peters gasped and sat up. His vision was still blurry, but he could see two people drenched in blood. He blinked a few times and his vision cleared. He saw one marine he didn't recognize, then someone he never expected to see again. "Karls!" Peters yelled. "How did you make it out alive? Everyone else was smashed and torn apart!"
Karls took a deep breath. "We were in the middle. The others... cushioned us."
Peters shook the image out of his mind. He felt his arm again and saw that the pole was gone. "We took it out while you were asleep." Karls said.
"Thanks." Peters stood. "Any idea where the closest town is?"
The marine spoke. "I saw lights a few miles that way." He pointed to Peters' right. "It's downhill, so if we could find a sled of some sort, we could get there in an hour."
"Peters, this is Sergeant Madison, Madison, Peters." Karls said.
Madison snarled. "As I was saying, we could make it there in an hour, but there's one problem."
"ONE problem?" Peters yelled. "We're in freezing cold snow, we're all injured, we have no supplies, about 15 men just died, and the Pegasus is destroyed!"
"One more thing." Madison said. "The Covenant are here."