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A Marine Named Peters: Saving Private Johnson
Posted By: GLADIATRRR3000<gladiatrrr2002@hotmail.com>
Date: 1 July 2003, 11:41 PM

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"Where the hell could he be?" Peters was getting angry. They should have found him by now, or at least found what was left of him. "I'll give him ten minutes before we haul ass out of here."
"He's got to make it, I know he will!" Karls said. Peters didn't have the heart to tell him, but no way one man could fight his way single-handedly out of a Covenant base.
"Okay, I'll give him fifteen minutes, then we haul ass."
Johnson was running. There was no way he had gone unnoticed. He had escaped a torture room and killed a gold-armored elite. They had to have known he was there by now, but what scared Johnson was that he didn't see anything. He put away his plasma sword and pulled out the plasma rifle. "Come on, come on, where are you? Give me something to shoot..."
He came upon a large Covenant building in the center of the complex. When he got closer, the doors opened. He looked inside to make sure he wasn't walking into an ambush, and then he walked inside. The doors closed behind him.
He walked for about twenty seconds when he saw a big room to his right. He looked inside. There were hundreds of screens and pictures in this room. There was a digital map of the area covering an entire wall, and on the map were several red x's and green circles covering certain areas. Johnson had no idea what these meant, but he walked into the room, leaning against the wall. He saw a few Covenant that he had only seen in videos before. They were floating a few feet above the ground and typing rapidly onto keyboards made of light. Johnson, relieved that there was something to shoot, opened fire.
"Five minutes, Karls. Are you alright?" Peters asked. He was worried for Karls. Of the time he had known him, Johnson had always been next to him. It appeared to him that they had been best friends for a long time.
"Yeah, I'm okay." Karls sighed. "He still has five minutes, right?"
"Four, now."
When Johnson had killed all of them, he turned towards the computer. It looked like it was the control center for the entire base. "I wish I had an A.I. here, it'd love to get into a Covenant database. He looked at it for a good ten seconds. "I guess I'll blow it up."
He laid down the plasma grenades he had taken earlier along with the ones that the Covenant he had just killed dropped. There were about twenty in all. "Okay, plasma grenades have three seconds before they explode, and it took me twenty seconds to get here walking, so it'll take me about five, running..." He did the math in his head. It didn't look good. "Okay..." He started for the door. "One..." He took out a grenade. "Two..." He took one last look around the room. "Three!" He ignited the plasma grenade and threw, at the same time running backwards. He was almost at the door when the first grenade exploded. As he got out the door, the chain reaction caused the rest of the grenades to explode. The explosions must have hit something vital, because the whole building went up in flames and exploded in blue-green plasma. The power core in the building sent a power surge through the entire base when it exploded, and the sudden jolt of energy caused every Covenant device to overload and explode. It took the base a good twenty seconds to stop exploding, and Johnson was lying on the ground, to far from any building to get a serious burn, screaming. "AHHHHHH! OH GOD! OH GOD! AHHHHHHH!"
"Holy Christ..." Peters stood amazed. Not half-a-mile away was a Covenant base bursting into flames and exploding. He had never seen this happen without a nuke or another large bomb. "I think... Johnson took out a Covenant base..."
Karls grinned. "I TOLD you he'd show us he made it somehow."
After the explosions died down, there was a sound that was being carried throughout the entire mountain range. "OH SWEET JESUS! I MADE IT!"
"That would be Johnson." Peters laughed.
They went down to the base and looked around for Johnson. They found him in the center of a clearing cowering. He looked up at them. "I think I wet my pants."
Karls laughed. "By the smell of you, that's all you did to your pants."
Johnson looked down at his pants. "Hmm. I guess it isn't."
They all laughed, oblivious of the two glowing devices on his temple and on the back of his neck.
One of the remaining Elites saw the humans in the center of the clearing. He pulled out his binoculars from his belt. He saw that one human was still wearing his torture devices. "You! Grunt! Tell me, are there any more triggering mechanisms for the torture devices?"
"I will look, your Excellency." He ran away and came back shortly after. "There was one left, your Excellency."
"Well, give it to me, you fool!" He took the remote. "Let's see if they are still in the device's range..."
"What happened?" Peters asked. He was very curious how one man took down an entire base. Johnson was about to respond when he started to scream.
He fell to the ground. He was twitching and screaming, clawing at his neck and head. "GET THEM OFF!" He screamed. "GET THEM OFF!"
"Get what off?" They asked. They couldn't see what he was talking about.
They looked, but they couldn't see them. Johnson was covered in blood from him clawing at himself. The blood was covering everything on his face, and slowly glowing down his neck. Anything glowing was now covered in blood, greatly reducing the chances of them finding it. "Stop scratching! We can't find them! Point them out!"
Struggling to raise his arm, he pointed out a small bump on the back of his neck. Karls ripped it off and threw it. When it hit the ground, it made a small explosion. "Where's the other one?" He pointed at his right temple and Peters ripped it off. He was about to throw it, but it exploded in his hands.
"DAMMIT!" He yelled. The explosion didn't take off his hands, but the burned him badly.
Johnson rolled onto his back and began breathing heavily. Peters tore some cloth off his shirt (tied around his leg, if people remember why) and wrapped it around his hands. "Jesus, could this day possibly get worse?" Karls asked.
"Let's hope it gets better." Peters said. "Come on. Let's get out of here."
Johnson, still weak from his recent torturing, had to be supported by Karls. They began to move towards the cover of the trees. Peters kept spinning around in circles to see if they were being followed. His leg began to hurt again, but he was still pumped with adrenaline, so all it did was give him a slight limp. Peters saw a Grunt run across the clearing. He shot it twice with his M6D and it fell. Karls looked ahead and saw another Grunt. He raised his sidearm, took careful aim, and shot it once in each kneecap. The Grunt fell, blood gushing out of its wounds.
Blagak was in extreme pain. Never before had he been shot, and he did not like the feeling. Surely the humans would kill him. He began to crawl away, when another bullet flew right past his head. He turned and saw a human point it's gun at his head and kneel down. Blagak was terrified. Now ignoring pain, he tried to stand up and run, but the human grabbed him by his environmental suit. The human hoisted Blagak onto it's back, and began to walk towards the trees.
Blagak was on the verge of passing out, but he tried to see what they were saying. Being a Grunt, he had learned only a little Humanese in training, but he was able to understand a little of what they said.
"Just kill it. It'll give away our position first chance it has."
"We are keeping it alive, so that we can interrogate it and possibly find their home planet. That is worth more than your life or mine."
Blagak couldn't understand the rest, but it appeared to him that he was going to live. He sighed once and passed out.
"Come on, Johnson! We could move a lot faster if you just walked!" Karls said.
"I'll try." Karls let go of Johnson. He took a few steps, stumbled, and got up. "Ok, I can walk."
"Good, because I wasn't going to drag your ass across the entire planet." Karls smiled. "It's good to have you back."
"It's good to be back."
Peters had to break up the reunion. "Now that we're all together, we need to get back to Alpha Base and tell them the bad news. We should be able to make it back in a week, walking."
"WALK?" Karls cried. "Hell no. HELL NO. With you limping and Johnson... being Johnson, I would be the only one able to walk all the way back!"
"He's right." Johnson said. "I AM too lazy to walk that far. Oh, and the Covenant would catch us by then." He quickly added.
Peters sighed. "Any ideas?"
Karls laughed. "Of course! Remember the old outpost where we got those vehicles? We never checked the airfield. There could be a Longsword there. If there isn't, we could always take another Warthog, but it would still take us a few days to get back that way."
"That seems like it's the only chance we got." Peters said. "Let's get back to the outpost and find us a ride back home."
"How can we make sure that that Grunt keeps his mouth shut?" Johnson asked.
"We'll make a deal with him." Peters replied.

**To Be Continued**
Because I'm too lazy to write anymore. Keep reading!