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A Marine Named Peters: Run For Your Life, Fight For Others
Posted By: GLADIATRRR3000<gladiatrrr2002@hotmail.com>
Date: 23 June 2003, 12:18 AM

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"Did anyone else make it?"
The words hit Peters like a bullet to the chest. There were 63 people in the base, at least one had to make it. "Are you sure? Did you check?"
"The only reason we're alive is because I dragged you from the base to this cave. The Covenant flooded into the area just after they blew the base." Karls said grimly. "The only other person I know made it is Johnson, and he's looking for supplies that might be stored in a storage shed half-a-mile that way." He pointed behind him. "Also, I found something… weird. It doesn't look like human materials." He pulled out a rock.
Peters observed the rock. It was made out of granite and had small jewel like things on it. One side was slightly triangular, and there were small symbols on it, which reminded Peters of ancient Aztec writing. He rubbed it with his hands, closely examined it, and came to the conclusion that it was old, very old. "Any idea what it is, sir?"
"No, but I think I'll keep it. Give it to a scientist if we get back."
"Sir, while you were out, I came up with a plan on how to get out of here." Karls said. "We could go pick up Johnson, Go around the mountains, and then get back to the abandoned army outpost we were at a while ago."
"Good idea. With luck, we could get a Longsword and fly it back." Peters said. "Let's go."
Peters stood up, but blinding pain in his leg made him fall again. The pain was so intense, Karls had to put a stick between Peters' teeth, so he wouldn't bite off his tongue. Peters was writhing in pain. He looked down and saw small patches of blood surrounding small tears in his fatigues. Karls noticed this too, and peeled back Peters' pants. What had happened was when the Covenant glassed the base, small bits of plasma and white-hot metal had mixed together and formed a deadly poison that, when attached to an object, burnt its way inside of it and spread. Some of it had been blown away from the baseand hit Peters. Peters had plasma and white-hot metal coursing through his veins. "Oh, God it hurts… My leg…" Peters cried.
Peters was usually able to bottle up his pain, and ignore it until it became overwhelming. Suddenly, the pain stopped. Peters removed his sweat drenched fatigues top and wrapped it tight around the top of his leg. "Something's in my leg, and whatever it is, I don't want it spreading."
Eventually, they were able to move out. It took them a little over eight minutes to get to the shed, because Peters would have small pains in his leg and they'd have to stop. When they got there, Johnson was nowhere to be found. They waited a whole hour, which was completely unsafe due to the Covenant Banshee patrols that went on overhead. It looked to Peters like they were looking for something. Eventually they gave up waiting and moved out.
"I told you damn bastards, I won't tell you anything!"
"Very well."
Johnson was in excruciating pain. The Covenant had captured him when he was looking for supplies, and brought him to their temporary base of operations. They tortured him over and over again. Asked him questions. Where is the rest of your squad, where is the rest of the humans in the area, where is the holy relic. Johnson would tell them nothing, and they would attack two glowing devices to him, one on his right temple, the other on the back of his neck.
A gold-armored Elite walked in. He stared at the torture devices. "Fascinating, aren't they?" He asked in a very distorted English. "Do you know how they work? They sent electrical shocks through your nerves. Makes you skin feel like it's on fire." He paused. "However, it only works so long. After awhile, it burns out, permanently damaging your nerves. You'll feel this the rest of your life, and there's no way you can stop it."
Johnson started sobbing. He couldn't tell. He can't let his squad down. He can't let his friends down. But it hurt. All the pain he had felt in his life mixed together wouldn't amount to half the pain these gave him. "I… won't…tell you… anything."
"Have it your way." He turned towards two Grunts. "You know what to do."
After the Elite left the room, the two Grunts moved in. They were about to adjust the torturing devices when Johnson broke free from his restraining devices. He grabbed on Grunt by the neck with one hand, and with the other, he twisted his head. The Grunt's neck broke in three places and neon blue blood flowed from his mouth. He turned towards the other Grunt, removed its breathing apparatus, and stuck it, along with half his arm, down the Grunts' throat. The Grunt began to vomit profusely in order to remove the arm somehow, slightly burning his hand. After a minute, the Grunt stopped moving. He removed the carcass from his arm and observed the room.

"We can't leave him behind! He's got to be coming back soon!" Karls said.
"Listen, Private, we have to assume he is dead, otherwise we will be." Peters said.
"Sir, Johnson, he's my friend, sir. We've known each other since we were three. We can't just leave him behind!"
Peters sighed. "What do you suggest we do?"
"Find him."

On the table to his right, two small circular things sat. He picked one up and pressed a button on the side. Glowing plasma jumped out of one side. "A plasma sword." Johnson said. "This'll be great for silently choppin' up some Covies." He walked towards the door, but it wouldn't open.
"To hell with this." He said, shoving the plasma sword into the door. He held it there for a few circuits, and the door, its circuits fried and melted, opened. Johnson poked his head out. The hall was clear. He started down the hall and turned a corner. There was a group of Grunts facing the other way. He began to slice them open. The plasma sword was so hot, it fried their innards and prevented blood from dripping onto the floor. Johnson hid the bodies and continued on. The resistance was light so far. He came upon a room filled with weapons. He took 6 plasma grenades, a plasma pistol, a plasma rifle, and a needler.
Finally he got outside. He took a look around and saw that there were no Covenant. He wondered why there were no Covenant in a Covenant base. He started running. He didn't notice that the Gold-Elite was watching him. "Going somewhere?" it asked.
Johnson turned. "Actually, yes. I'm getting the hell out of here, and you can't do anything to stop me."
"I'll see about that."

"Come on! I can see the Covenant base!" Karls said.
"How are we going to find him in this?" Peters asked.
"He'll get out. Somehow, he's going to show himself.

The gold-Elite pulled out a plasma sword. "I see you have a sword too, Goldilocks." Johnson said. The Elite ignored him.
They charged at each other. Johnson lifted his arm and threw at down at the Elite's head, hoping to cut it in two. The Elite blocked it with his plasma sword and forced the two swords into a stalemate between them. They stared into each other's eyes with hatred. Johnson kicked the Elite in the torso, pushing him away. The elite fell, and Johnson stabbed at it. The Elite rolled out of the way, and the sword cut a two-foot hole into the ground.

Nososalee was amazed. How could a human with no sword training be so gifted? He pushed the thought out of his head. "You fight well, but it has come to an end." Nososalee said, pulling another plasma sword out. "Now, you shall die."

"Shit." Johnson said. The Elite ran to him, swords ready. Johnson sidestepped and elbowed the Elite in the back of its head. This only angered it, and it roared. It swung one sword at Johnson, and Johnson tried to duck, but the sword grazed his arm. It blistered the skin and gave Johnson a third-degree burn. Johnson fell in pain. The Elite jumped into the air with his swords above his head. He came down, swinging his swords. Johnson stuck out the sword.

Nososalee saw the sword too late. He tried to move, but he couldn't stop his descent. The human's sword pierced his armor, then his skin, and finally came out the other end of his body. Nososalee was stunned. The human had defeated him. He looked at the human one last time, his sight blackening.
"Curse you and your species…" Nososalee said.
Nososalee shuddered and died.

Johnson got up and started moving again. Nothing could stop him.

You know the drill. **To Be Continued**

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