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Comments for 'A Marine Named Peters: Run For Your Life, Fight For Others'

6:54 pm | July 1, 2003
Well you'll have to cut it inhalf anyways it looks like... Altho I dont like doing it either because it creates 2 comment boards for the same chapter. personally I want to know who peters' secret crush is if he has one =P Lol
10:19 pm | June 30, 2003
does anyone know how i can ask to go alot over the maximum writing limit? i want the next one to be long, and i dont like cutting them in half.
10:19 pm | June 30, 2003
noone has told me what they want to know about peters. c'mon, people, i want to make the story have more depth
1:51 am | June 30, 2003
im back from vacation, and im sorry that i said that. i was having a bad day, and i got pissed off. also, my next story might not be out for a while, because i havent had time to write anything for the last week or so.
6:05 am | June 29, 2003
o and btw whens the next episode coming out? I get grumpy when new episodes don't come out on time =P Lol. btw if anyone needs a good laugh (most people end up trying not to crap their pants) look up Elfster in the fan fic page =) (Its Just One of Those Days)
5:56 am | June 29, 2003
I really loved it. Then again I could say that about all your episodes, 10/10 but in past episode there was this sone thing with those 2 marines talking about terminator 38 and DVD 7 which J thought was funny but a little un-realistic. Btw about the Plasma sword fights, thats been around since like the very first fan fic story soo... Don't be talkin about being the first one to put it in your fan fic or copy it. Btw I think Wado left altho I loved Shadow of Archon 1 and 2. Sry for long post.
9:23 pm | June 26, 2003
agent orange
6:50 pm | June 26, 2003
ok let me say someting I (being the real agent orange and not that retard who wrote that stupid stuff,)i did not write that- uh stupid stuff. my friend wrote that because i kind-of well...
did some not-so-nice (but halarious) things to him at a party. the point is that i take full responsibility and apologies greatly for the inconvienence this has stirred up and have cleared up the matter up. and he also impersonated wiley kimball. i completely respect you wiley and there will be no such thing again. he also might of said other things that im not aware of. so please dont take it out on me in the future because i didnt do it.

p.s. people, keep eyes out for these things and alert the webmaster so as to stop this in the future.
Wiley K
12:00 pm | June 26, 2003
Lucky for you, and us, you can't be banned. :)
12:57 am | June 26, 2003
i'm probably going to be banned for that...
12:56 am | June 26, 2003
people, people. agent orange has the right to express his own opinions. he also has to right to GO FUCK HIS OWN ASS!
Wiley K.
5:42 pm | June 25, 2003
I know who I think he is...
4:17 pm | June 25, 2003
agent orange who the fuck do u think you are?
3:57 pm | June 25, 2003
agent orange
3:30 pm | June 25, 2003
you people are all totally gay and stupid. that shit was hoorible how could anyone possibly like it. i hope that you all go to hell you stupid fagots.
3:07 am | June 25, 2003
Nice keep it comin I love this series. 9/10
7:24 pm | June 24, 2003
Humans have used Plasma swords in other fan fiction before. I can guarentee that.
5:22 pm | June 24, 2003
Great job, it's nice to see people on fan fiction haven't lost their touch.

To anyone who still remembers me:

Unlike these new writers, I have lost my touch for fan fiction, and gave it up for flash animation. I will, tho, finish part 3 of my interactive fan fic before I leave this place for good. I don't wanna set any dates soon, so just expect it on my one year anniversary on HBO(mid July I do believe).

Anyone know if Wado's still around?
Wiley K.
3:48 pm | June 24, 2003
4:44 am | June 24, 2003
Whoa, lotsa plasma swords!
10:21 pm | June 23, 2003
i had no idea so many people already had plasma sword fights in their stories. hahaha. looks like im going to have to find something else thats origional. perhaps a musical.
9:36 pm | June 23, 2003
Did you get it from MY Fan Fiction? PART FOUR, THE PLASMA SWORD DUEL!!!! If not, sorry...
6:47 pm | June 23, 2003
Just wondering... Did you get the plasma sword idea from my Halo Zero fanfics? Only they appeared in the first one and then you put it in yours. And I don't know anyone else who's ever put a human use an Elite Sword in their fanfic, with me being the first.
6:47 pm | June 23, 2003
That was truly a great story. the action was balanced and it had a good plot. You should read my story. i posted it on this website and it has nothing to do with halo but I like and so do all my friends. it is called unknown apprentice and i have spent alot of tme thinking of cool ideas. ENJOY!
4:15 pm | June 23, 2003
nice writing. i liked the plasma sword fight between johnson and the elite. ill keep on reading your stories theyre pretty cool. do you plan on making master chief enter your plot or would that ruin everything?