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A Marine Named Peters: Bravo Base 2: The Battle
Posted By: GLADIATRRR3000<gladiatrrr2002@hotmail.com>
Date: 20 June 2003, 8:39 PM

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"Hunters." Peters whispered. Just as he finished saying the word all marines dread, a giant green plasma bolt hit the command center's wall, killing three men.
"Fire at will!" Captain Williams yelled. The marines didn't need to be told. They had all been firing for a full three seconds already.
Peters manned an empty gun turret. It reminded him of "Old Faithful", except it wasn't attached to a Warthog. He went temporarily insane with the power he had in his hands. "YOU WANT SOME? YOU WANT SOME? COME AND GET SOME MORE, YOU BASTARDS!" he yelled. People could hear him over the turret, across the room. An Elite exploded. Grunts were mowed down like blades of grass. Jackals were flung back when the barrage of bullets bounced off the shields "I'M INVINCIBLE! YOU ARE ALL GOING TO DIE! YOU ARE GOING TO BURN IN…" the turret then ran out of ammo. "…hell."
The Covenant, now rushing over, began to overpower the smaller bunkers further from the command center. They then took the small landing pad. Next was the munitions bunker. There was only one thing left… "The hospital!" Peters yelled to no one. He ran over to the Captain, who was firing out the window with his M6D pistol. "Sir, permission to take the remaining members of my squad and protect the hospital."
"Granted." He turned to the marines. "Marines, cover the FireBats on their way to the hospital. They're going to try to save some lives." He turned back to Peters. "Hurry."
"Yes, sir." Peters rounded up Karls and Johnson, who were laughing and talking while firing out the window.
"Have you seen that new movie? What's it called… you know the one where the guy goes crazy?" Karls asked.
"Oh, yeah! That kicks ass! I own it on DVD 7! You know, the new DVD that shows up on you eyes." Johnson replied.
"Oh, I've heard of that! Is it any good? I heard that it blew a guys head off during Terminator 38!"
"Just rumors. All rumors."
Peters could have laughed at how relaxed they were during a battle. Then he remembered the hospital. "Shut the hell up! Both of you! We're going to go rescue anyone that could be in the hospital."
"Good." Karls said. "I was getting bored just sitting here."
"Follow me" Peters said. They moved outside. There were bodies of people who had tried to make it inside from the mess hall and gym. None had made it. When they passed the mess hall, Peters looked inside. Inside was a single man, in his boxers, eating a sandwich. Surrounding him was a pile of dead Grunts and Jackals. "This is a damn good sandwich." He said. He looked at Peters. "Want some?"
"No thanks. Why are you…"
"In my underwear? It was hot out today."
"Weren't you worried that the Covenant's plasma guns would tear through you without armor?"
"Nope." He finished off the sandwich, and reached for another. "Hold on. I'll put on my fatigues and come with you. It'll only take two minutes."
Peters thought for a second. "Why the hell not. You have two minutes."
They waited for the marine. He showed up, perfectly dressed, exactly two minutes later. "I'm Private Banks. I'll be your Covenant killer for the day."
"I like him." Johnson whispered to Karls.
"Any guy who can kill Covies in his underwear is O.K. with me." Karls whispered back to Johnson.
They then started to the hospital. Again. 'Sloppy.' Peters thought. 'Normally I'd have been there for minutes.' When they got there, two Jackals and three Grunts were outside, meaning there were Covenant inside. "Damn." Peters said. "Karls, do you still have your sniper?"
Karls felt he shoulder to see if the gun was still strapped to his back. "Yes, I do, sir."
"Then take them out from afar. I don't want to take them out up close, where they can fire back."
Karls crouched down, turned off the safety on the gun, made sure there was a bullet in the chamber, and started to work. 'Okay,' he thought. 'Five Covies, four bullets. Can't take one out later, it'll probably run inside and alert others. Let's see… Two down, three bullets left. Dumb, stupid, dumb bastards. Okay, four down, two bullets left. Hahaha, look at him panic. Opps, hard to panic without a head.' He stood up. "All clear."
They walked inside. The nurse who Peters had talked to minutes, maybe hours, before had been shot several times, beaten, then killed. They moved on. 'Now, if I was a Covie, where'd I go…' the answer came soon. "Let's find the mess hall. No doubt they'll be attracted to the place where the most people are."
They went to the mess hall, and Peters looked around the corner. By the looks of it, everyone in the hospital had been herded into the mess hall and slaughtered. The walls, ceiling, and floor were painted red with blood. Luckily, the Covenant were tightly packed together in the center of the room. The Grunts were asleep, the Jackals were sitting down, and the Elites were the only ones alert. Peters readied a grenade, counted to three, and threw it in the center of the Covenant troops. The grenade exploded as soon as it hit the ground. Peters jumped back behind the corner just in time to have Grunt and Jackal's arms and legs fly past. One of the Jackal's energy shield had survived and landed at Peter's feet. He picked it up and saw that it fit perfectly to his hand. He pressed a button and the shield turned on, he pressed another and it turned off. He decided it could come in handy, so he kept it.
He looked around the corner. Only one Elite was left, and it looked like he was holding something in his hands. Peters shot him in the forehead with a three-round burst from his assault rifle. The Elite then died, and the thing he was carrying in his hands was his own small intestines. "Should we search the rooms to see if anyone's left?" Karls asked.
"No. They're all dead. The Covenant always make sure they get every last one or die trying."
"So," Karls said. "Should we go back to the command center to see what's happening?"
"Sounds like a good idea." Peters looked around the room one last time. "After all the Covenant in the area is eliminated, we're going to have to do the body count here."
When they got back to the command center, they saw that they hadn't suffered many casualties. 63 were left, meaning only 12 died. Here, at least. They had yet to count the hospital casualties and any people who might have been in a bunker too far away to get back. The Captain had suffered a minor wound. A Grunt got in a lucky shot and got the Captain in the arm. He only got one shot in, however, because after he had given away his position, three automatic turrets had turned him into a pile of bloody pulp. "Alright, people." The Captain said. "Good job. We held them of for a while and suffered minor casualties. Five minute break." He turned and saw Peters and his group. "Well? Were you able to stop the Covenant?"
"Unfortunately, no. The Covenant got there before we could." Peters took a deep breath. "No survivors."
The Captain turned away and whispered something under his breath. When he turned back, he had a solemn look on his face. "You can return to Alpha Base. Tell them that we are low on supplies, and we need repairs to the station immediately."
"Yes, sir."
Peters started out the door. A man ran into him and fell. He got up and started running over to the Captain. Peters started walking again, but something in the man's conversation with the Captain made him stop. "Sir, I have… bad news."
"Yes, sir. Radar picked up a signal. A very BAD signal…"
"Well, what the hell is it then?"
"200 Banshees are flying in an attack pattern towards Bravo Base. 50 dropships are following them. 75 Ghosts are on the ground."
"My God…"
"…And…" The marine paused. "…And there's a small Covenant cruiser in orbit above us. They're going to glass this base."
Peters' blood ran cold. He knew that one Banshee, three dropships, and five Ghosts could kill them all. But that many? For a single base? And a cruiser? What did they want that was so important?
"We've got to get the hell out of here." The Captain said.
Peters thought the same, Johnson felt like killing every last one of them, and Karls felt hungry. "Can we pass the mess hall on the way out?" He asked.
Peters turned to him. "We are probably going to die here, and you want a DAMN SANDWICH?!"
"…Not just one…" Karls muttered.
"Nososalee, how are the troops doing?" a Prophet in the shadows asked.
"The first wave died as expected, your Excellency. The rest are on their way. The humans are expected to run." Nososalee replied. He smiled. "They will all be dead by the rising of the sun, your Excellency."
"Very good, Nososalee. Leave your old, beaten armor at the door." The Prophet said.
This confused Nososalee. "Excellency…?" He looked at the Prophet, hoping an answer would come. None did. He turned towards the door and saw why he had to leave the dull magenta colored armor at the door. There, suspended by shimmering beams reaching up to the ceiling, was a suit of armor, glistening gold. Nososalee was stunned. They hadn't even one yet, and he had been promoted. He turned back to the Prophet. "Your Excellency, I have made no victory yet today, why do you honor me so?"
"Do you question my judgment?"
"No, your Excellency." Nososalee was now determined more than ever to find the holy relics hidden in the mountains surrounding the pitiful human outpost.

"Maybe if we radio for help, we can hide in the caves until backup comes." Karls said.
"They'd find us." Peters said.
"Maybe we could take all the Warthogs and run." Johnson said.
"They'd catch us." Peters replied.
"Then what should we do?"
Peters sighed. His leg still hurt, and there weren't any painkillers for miles. "I don't know what to do. Maybe, if we had a couple of Scorpions, some Longswords, and a miracle we could live."
Peters took a look around the base. It had suffered so much damage in the last attack, plus the damage it had taken before they got here. There was no way it would hold another.
"I… don't know."
Out of nowhere, a giant beam of bright light hit the middle of Bravo Base, destroying it instantly. Peters, Karls, and Johnson were blown back. Peters was knocked out. When he came to, he was in a dark cave. He opened his eyes and Karls was above him. "They glassed the base a little early." He gave a weak smile. Karls was known to have a good attitude even when it had hit the fan, but this discouraged him.
"Did anyone else make it?" Peters asked.
Karls took a deep breath, held it for a few seconds, and exhaled.

To be Continued in A Marine Named Peters: Run For Your Life, Fight For Others'
I posted two this time because the last one was very short. If anyone has suggestions, please tell me. I want people to predict what happens to Peters