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Comments for 'A Marine Named Peters: Bravo Base 2: The Battle'

4:19 pm | June 25, 2003
Were you ever here? j/k ;)
4:12 pm | June 25, 2003
wazzz up Iam back!!!! woa! a lot of newbies.hey ur story rocksasss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7:26 pm | June 24, 2003
Ronald that was not needed.
2:29 am | June 24, 2003
that was awwsome i think hese going to reegroup and kick some covinient ass

ps have him stick a plasma grenade to a grunts face
11:58 am | June 23, 2003
ive been judging the length of my stories now on my second one, which was pretty long. this story was pretty long, but the next one is shorter. ill update soon as i can
11:20 am | June 23, 2003
im taking a vacation after i move, so a new one might not be out for a while. no worries, though. i just posted 5, so you can read that. and wiley, i do agree. wado does kick ass.
Ronald Maszk
11:08 am | June 23, 2003
I'm not a NooB! And I helped GLADIATRRR3000 with Num. 5. It's awesome. an P.S. Wiley, go do your mother!
2:26 am | June 23, 2003
What about that GTA thing that one guy "wrote"?
I think that's an exception, but yea, you're right.
Wiley K.
1:48 am | June 23, 2003
You're right, I apologize.
12:57 am | June 23, 2003
Wiley there is NO setting the Noobs straight. Got it?
No story here is better than another. It's point of perspective. Let the writer get back to his work...
1:37 pm | June 22, 2003
great story when is the next one comin out ?
Wiley K.
12:54 pm | June 22, 2003
*sigh* Time to set the n00bs straight..

*cracks nuckles*

You haven't been here long have you? Have you read anything by Wado? THOSE are probably the best here. Those or the 889th tacticle fighter stories by Steele. Don't get me wrong, though, this story is good, just not as good as Wado's
11:56 am | June 22, 2003
...or IM me at gladiatrrr2003. I'll consider every idea and acknowledge everyone that helps out.
11:56 am | June 22, 2003
...or IM me at gladiatrrr2003. I'll consider every idea and acknowledge everyone that helps out.
11:45 am | June 22, 2003
thanks for your support everyone. right now im moving to a new house, so i wont be able to update the stories as often. email me story ideas at gladiatrrr2002@hotmail.com . I want to make sure this story is by the people, for the people. and i dont want to run out of ideas.
Ronald Maszk
2:31 am | June 22, 2003
Holy Crap! This is the best fricken series ever! Keep it up, this is an awesome series! I can't hardly wait for part 5! Hope it's awesome as always!
1:21 am | June 22, 2003
This story is great cant wait for the next post! nice, nice 9.5/10
7:21 pm | June 21, 2003
I LOVE TO KILL HUNTERS! Bye the way, do u have a Rocket Launcher handy? It's for my Ex-Wife, a Hunter with a Fuel Rod Cannon.
7:17 pm | June 21, 2003
Awww... Hunters ain't so bad! all you gota do is take a Rocket Launcher, pull the trigger... and voila! Chunky Stew! ;)
Good story. I like the sieries, personaly. 9.8/10
Wiley K.
11:17 am | June 21, 2003
I'm too lazy to make up my own review, so yea, what those guys said.
4:44 am | June 21, 2003
Nice! Looking forwards to part 5, this is a great series!
3:16 am | June 21, 2003
Great, as always. Keep it up.
3:02 am | June 21, 2003
better than the last