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A Marine Named Peters: The Fight For Alpha Base
Posted By: GLADIATRRR3000<gladiatrrr2002@hotmail.com>
Date: 17 June 2003, 1:55 AM

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"Jesus! There's more of them!"

"Where do they keep coming from?"

"Keep firing!"

"I need more ammo!"

Private Thomas A. Peters was having a tough time dealing with the Covenant ever since they found Alpha Base. Alpha Base had been one of the best-equipped bases in the sector just a day ago, now it was all burned out. 28 of the 30 bunkers had been taken out, and the hospital was gone, along with the 76 wounded and the 32 doctors. Casualties were high, and ammo was low. The munitions bunker was one of the first things the covenant took out upon arrival.

"Peters! Stop daydreaming and kill some of those bastards, dammit!" said an enraged Sergeant Mendez.
"Sorry, sir! Thinking of the best way to kill them!" Peters said, just before the Sarge's face melted due to a well-aimed plasma shot.
"Looks like he was too busy getting' mad at your sorry ass to duck," said Private Anderson, the rebel of the squad.
"Jesus! I thought you were killed at the mess hall! You're always eating! Good thing you weren't hungry today!" Peters said, ducking behind cover just as 6 needler rounds passed where his head was moments before.
"I WAS hungry. I was next in line when those damn Grunts came runnin' in. They made me lose my spot, and I made them lose their heads." Anderson said, as he stood up and shot a Jackal in his exposed head.
Peters finished off the clip in his MA5B, the standard assault rifle, when an Elite jumped over the trench and started firing. "Oh crap!" Peters yelled as he ran for cover. He finished reloading his gun when the Elite noticed him crawling away. He laughed at him, raised his gun, and prepared to annihilate the human when his head blew off, spraying the wall behind him with bits of armor and brains.
Peters looked at where the shot came from and saw Private Brethauer, the team sniper. Peters gave him a nod, and Brethauer acknowledged it with a one-fingered gesture, saying, "You made me waste a bullet."
Peters laughed and put a Grunt in his sights and pulled the trigger, releasing a three round burst. One bullet pierced the armor, passed through his body, and ignited a plasma grenade, which took down two additional Grunts and a Jackal.

"They should all be dead by now, 'Talseer. I am very displeased."
"I am sorry, your Excellency. We are sending in two Hunters in the back as we speak."
"...And the banshees?"
"On their way."
Peters could see no Covenant in the area, so he decided to check his sidearm. A standard M6D pistol. Nothing special, but it gets the job done. He started to clean the pistol, when it suddenly fired. "Dammit! Man, this trigger is sensitive!"
He heard a thud to his left. He looked at what made the sound and gasped in surprise. On the ground was a dead Hunter. The misfire from his gun had shot the bullet straight through the gap in the Hunter's armor, killing it. "I haven't seen anyone nearly as lucky as you, Peters," an astounded Anderson said.
"Neither have I. But we should be careful, I heard that Hunters travel in pairs."
Anderson was about to say something about Peters being to paranoid, when a plasma bolt the size of a large beach ball blew out his torso, leaving the legs and head to fall to the ground in a puddle of his own intestines.
Peters looked where the plasma had originated, and saw another Hunter staring at him. "Look, about the Hunter that I killed...it was an accident..." Peters tried to say to the alien that was now leveling its gun at him.
The Hunter replied by letting his fuel rod cannon charge with a bright green color.
Peters ran.
He picked up a radio and yelled into it. "Help! Help! Heeeelp! There's a Hunter one my tail! Any demolition experts, come in!"
The COM channel filled with static, then, "I hear you! Where are you?"
Peters dodged around a corner just in time. The wall next to him exploded in a ball of fire and plasma. A piece of the concrete wall flew at him, cutting his face. Peters shrugged it off. "I'm on the second floor, nearing the sniper nest! Hurry, I don't think he's going to miss this time!" He stepped outside.
Peters turned around just in time to see the Hunter come around the corner and come outside. The Hunter, knowing that the primitive human that stood before him would cease to exist, let his guard down for a second and laughed. Half way through the laugh, a rocket flew toward his torso. He noticed it just in time to see that he was going to die. As the rocket hit, the impenetrable armor that it wore was blown to pieces, and the soft flesh inside burned and liquidated, shooting out of its body and covering the walls with its orange hue.
Peters said thanks, and tried to find some more Covenant to kill, preferably Grunts.
Alpha Base was now almost completely gone. The remaining bunkers had been wiped out, along with many marines. There were very few places to hide from the searing plasma that was flying over their heads, and Peters was glad that he was near it. The command center, surprisingly, wasn't gone. Fortunately for the marines, there were enough supplies to last a week in there, providing all the Covenant just happened to die then. As Peters started to sprint to the command center, he saw a file of Jackals facing the opposite direction. He took the opportunity to throw a grenade in the middle of them, and was satisfied when their blue and orange shield turned purple with their blood. He paused to wipe the sweat and blood off his face and heard the sound that he wanted to never hear again. The sound of Banshee's engines. Judging by the sound, 4 or 5 of them.
He ran inside the command center. "Banshees!" he yelled.
"Great. Just GREAT. How many rockets do we have left?"
"Three." The marine fired a rocket and left four Banshees still in the air. "Two, now."
"Great. Any ideas?"
Peters raised his hand. "What do you got?"
"The command center has a garage connected to it, am I correct?"
"I'll take a Warthog and lure them away from Alpha Base. You can get to the chain guns on the roof while I'm gone and I'll drive back, bringing the Banshees with me. When I pass, see if you can take them down with the chain guns."
"...And if you don't come back?"
"Get another idea."
Peters was taken to the garage, where he was given a warthog. "Just get it back. These aren't cheap."
The garage opened and Peters drove out. He was going as fats as the terrain allowed him, which was currently 86 mph. The Banshees, attracted by the noise of the vehicle, started to follow. Peters nearly wet himself as plasma hit the ground around the warthog, making glass out of the now super-heated dirt. Peters now wished that he had asked for a gunner. Unfortunately, he did not see the 10-foot drop in front of him, and the Warthog soon flew off the side, threw Peters from the seat, and landed upside-down. Peters, unable to lift the warthog, was now forced to either run back to Alpha Base and die on the way, hide and die when the Covenant found him, or fight and take the some Covenant down with him when he died.
Although he lost 2 grenades in the tumble, he found his pistol, his MA5B, and some ammo for both. He climbed up the hill and spotted the Banshees. He knew it was suicide, but he aimed at one and pulled the trigger of the pistol 6 times, half emptying the gun. The Banshee, now smoking, turned and came at him, along with another flying vehicle.
Peters, now wetting his fatigues, aimed at the damaged Banshee and emptied his clip. He must have hit something vital, because the Banshee started turning wildly, hit the other Banshee, and caused both of them to explode, raining shrapnel and fire beneath them.
This alerted the remaining two Banshees, and Peters ran for cover. He hid behind a rock that was promptly blown to pieces when plasma rained upon it. Peters was now exposed, and had only seconds before the Banshees could turn around again. He spotted a tree and ran for it, knowing that it would give him two seconds worth of cover. One Banshee, hoping to crush Peters with the tree, blew up the trunk, but found itself being crushed when the tree fell in the opposite direction. It was knocked out of the air like a fly and exploded into tiny pieces as the ancient tree fell upon it.
The remaining Banshee, however, was not going to be fooled as easy. It flew 30 feet over Peters' head, knowing that his weapon would be very inaccurate at that distance. It started to charge it's fuel rod cannon, and Peters knew that he was going to die, like so many before him. He closed his eyes, but instead of hearing the humming sound of energy weapons, he heard the popping sounds of human weapons. "Old Faithful", the LAAG gun on the back of Warthogs, to be exact. Unable to turn in time, the Banshee was blown apart by the high rate of fire.
Peters opened his eyes in time to see three Warthogs fly over the drop, land perfectly, and come to a stop. "What are you doing here? I told you to wait for me at the command center!"
"We got another idea." The man Peters had talked to at the command center said, smiling.
"Did we win?"
"Pretty much. There are still a few Grunts running around, but I think we can take 'em out."
Peters, knowing it was over, smiled and passed out, landing hard on the dirt.
" 'Talseer, you failed to achieve victory. We suffered a major defeat, losing countless infantry and five Banshees."
"I am sorry, your Excellency. It will never happen again."
"You are right, 'Talseer. It won't happen again, because it is hard to fail when you are no longer alive."
"Please, your Excellency. Have mercy... please...no. No! NO!"
The End

Hey, this was my first halo story thing. Tell me if it was good, or if it sucked. Email it to me at gladiatrrr2002@hotmail.com