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Comments for 'A Marine Named Peters: The Fight For Alpha Base'

Spartan 117
2:06 pm | July 25, 2003
but it was stil awesome. sry if i sounded overly critical
Spartan 117
2:04 pm | July 25, 2003
ok, it was good, but what kinda idiot cleans a loaded gun? not to mention its perfectly impossible to ram a patch through the barrel if its already clogged by a bullet. i just stopped right there in the story and thought, "this guy dpn't know what he's talkin about." that was a detterent from reading the rest of ur story, but i did anyway. next time research what ur writing about so it makes a little more sense.
6:45 pm | July 12, 2003
I liked it alot. Peter is my first name
read my story, the Maiden fight
5:24 am | June 19, 2003
Nice story! 9.5/10
When mine's uploaded, check mine out! It's called Halo Zero 2, and it's the first part. Check out the Halo Zero series too if you want to do some history revision
3:52 am | June 19, 2003
I liked this story alot.
6:18 pm | June 18, 2003
'That's it...good, breath deeply. Big breaths.'

'Yeth, an' I'm only sikthteen!"
8:47 pm | June 17, 2003
hahaha i had no idea it'd be THIS good
8:29 pm | June 17, 2003
You should have had one of the Marines in nothing but his boxers, eating a sandwhich, and shooting an AR one handed...
Wiley K.
5:00 pm | June 17, 2003
Cool, I like it.
Diamond Dog
4:51 pm | June 17, 2003
Great job, especially for your first time dude.
1:06 pm | June 17, 2003
Peters reminds me of my dad in Halo. Very lucky indeed. Good story, keep writing.
11:00 am | June 17, 2003
This is better than my siries, Covenant Invasion! I just submited Part Three. I like this story... really like it. (^_^)
1:37 am | June 17, 2003
It was very cool. Probably better than mine. Check it out, its the fall of a covenant armada. By the way, great imagination. Awesome story! Keep doin whatcha doin,lol!
1:37 am | June 17, 2003
yo yo
1:17 am | June 17, 2003
like i said, this is my first story, so tell me what i did wrong and i'll fix it. also, i think i'll make this a series, so tell me what you want to know about peters and stuff like that
12:00 am | November 30, -0001
Great stuff. A lot more relaxed than several others, makes it easier to read. Excellent!
12:00 am | November 30, -0001
ok there are very few that i have deemed able to stand and have a decent plot line this is one of the few that have made onto paper for my own personal collection if you like this sort of story you want to try reading the "iron hands" one of the best ive read of late.