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A New Breed, Chapter1.final
Posted By: Geshtu<ls_comply@hotmail.com>
Date: 15 October 2002, 1:48 am

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"Okay, here we got team." radioed Ron. Ron was off the pod first, Ron checked both directions; clear. Ron light blinked on the HUD of the other 5 Spartans giving them the all clear. Cindy came after Dave followed by Steve, Joe and Carle.

Ron looked down both hallways and was reminded of the imaged and videos he was showed in his briefing, all of them bright illuminant and too damn shiny for Ron's taste.

Ron signaled team blue, which consisted of Steve, Joe and Carle, to move towards the middle of the ship and eliminate all hostiles and meet up with team green and team yellow. His team, team red, was to move to the ships command to take control of the ship.

Ron consulted a map that an AI back at HQ thought would be a probable design according to records. All Ron had to do was think of it, and the map appeared on the helmet's HUD.

"Hey! There's no gravity. The initial blasts must have knocked out that system or something" stated Dave.

"Shut up, we got to move quietly and as swift as the wind, like ninjas" said Ron

"Ninjas my ass, no ninja I know could ever-" started Cindy, but was stopped by Ron's hand signal to be quiet. Ron was about to check the next corridor. He pulled a snake cam from fore arm and used it to peak around the corner.

The camera feed went to Cindy and Dave as well as Ron. Two grunts one floating helpless the other franticly grabbing for the walls. Ron got the impression that these grunts weren't trained to deal with low grav conditions or they just couldn't. Ron signaled Dave to aim around the corner with his army issued sniper rifle.

Ron moved his gun around the corner and peeked through the scope; seconds went by and Dave was still pointing. "What are you stalling for? Shoot them already." Whispered Cindy.

"SHHH, on of them is floating in front of the other, I could get a two for one." Answered Dave excitedly

"Geese, I'll do it" whispered Ron as he detached his side pistol and turned around the corner. Aimed. Two shots two kills

Dave grumbled a little bit, but Ron and Cindy just ignored him. After some while and a lot of ammo they finally reached the ships command. The team opened the door. Five jackals seemed to be working at a control post of sorts. The Spartans moved swiftly, like ninjas, snapping the necks of the unsuspecting jackals. After they killed them. Cindy took far most control panel and Ron took the adjacent panel. Dave stood in the middle of the room and tried to open a "comm. Link" with the UNSC Justice.

The link was made and Dave began to say, "Captain, Team red has completed its objective and the other teams are just mopping u..." Fairly large Elite had punched Dave in the back causing him to zip across the room breaking a monitor. Dave's shields fell to half. Dave corrected himself and pushed off towards the Elite, hitting him in his abdomen. Cindy rose from her chair and was about to help but Ron's hand stopped her

"Let him have his fun. You know that Dave loves this sort of thing." Said Ron as he watched the battle unfold.

The elite swung a punch at Dave; He blocked and kneed him in the stomach. The creature bent over in pain. Dave quickly elbowed him in his exposed back; throwing him to the ground, and pushing Dave up to the ceiling. The elite recovered and managed a foot hold as he grabbed Dave's ankle. With a tight grip he swung him to the ground and began to pummel him with a rapid fire of slugs to the head.

Ron, sensing trouble, raised his pistol aimed and shot. The bullet entered the back of the creatures head just below the skull and through the spine. The creature went limp floating up to the ceiling slowly.

"Team RED is everything ok?" asked Captain O'Donnell concerned from the lack of communication for the past four minutes.

"Yes were fine, Dave's just messing around with the locals" responded Ron "I think we pretty much are finished here Captain. We are ready to go when you are"

"Good lets head home"