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A New Breed, Chapters 1.1 - 1.2
Posted By: Geshtu<ls_comply@hotmail.com>
Date: 12 September 2002, 4:56 pm

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Chapter 1.1

Four Covenant carriers met little resistance in the conquering of planet Tar7. Only 2 UNSC frigates stood between them and the planets destruction. The puny human forces were no match for the new and upgraded Covenant carriers. "What weak and helpless creatures" thought Siegna to himself as he watched the last frigate's hull boil and melt from the plasma torpedo. The test of the new carriers was a complete success for the Covenant, and they are now moving in to destroy the planets surfice.

Each carrier took its place and began charging its weapons when suddenly the planet began wavering out of exist. What replaced the planet was two UNSC frigate, seven new Super MAC satellites specially designed to move about in space with an on board reactor and its own purpulsion, and a few holotransmitters that produced the planet and gave fake gravity and mass readings to the Covenant..

"Sir, I don't think the Covenant predicted this, it appears they were taken by complete surprise." said a very akward looking ensign. Standing about 5 foot nine. Ensign Brooks excelled at mostly everything he put his hands to. It took him many hours of training and hard work to get to where he is today on the UNSC ship "Justice", and it was all worth it to him. He was defending his homeworld his race, and that is exactly where he wanted to be.

"Excellent", said captin James O'Donnel, "now, fire on the three smaller enemy ships and and prep the boarding craft with the new Spartans." Captian James O'Donnel was the kind of person that demanded respect just by his appearance. A very tall man just over six feet. Most of the crew felt very antimidated by him and quickly preformed his orders on command. He, unlike the rest of the crew on this ship, was born on Earth and attended the finest in military schools.

Chapter 1.2

The MAC satellites charged and fired on the three smaller ships. Even with the new shielding of the newest in Covenant tech it stood no match for that many cannons. The first shot hit. The shields flickered and failed. The UNSC ships quickly moved in on the larger carrier sending two transport ships with several long sword fighters acting as escort. The second shot hit the three smaller Covenant vessals, quickly ripping through the glossy armor and almost completely dissintigrating the 3 ships; spare some minor debri.

On the flagship the affect of the initial MAC impact caused system failures all over the ship. A liquid was venting on the starboard side of the ship and power went our on the lower quarter of the ship only allowing them to launch a third of their fighters to intercept the oncoming ships. The four scroudrons of longsword quickly engaged the enemy forced effectively taking the attention away from the two transport pods. The UNSC Justice open fired with its auto cannons strategically planted along the ships. all helping the longswords with their dog fight.

The transport pods were specially equipped just for this mission. Each of the two had missiles and special docking platforms. The two pods broke up taking starbord and port sides of the ship. Once in range they opened fire on the carrier. The missles blew a hole open in the Covenant ship. Both holes began venting gas and some working class grunts.

"Here we come you Covenant bastards", whispered Dave as he prepared his UNSC issued sniper rifle for battle. "Why did you bring that sniper rifle?" said Cindy "its going to be a close quarters battle inside the ship not an open battle in some field or something" Dave shot his head up looking straight and Cindy and said, "I like the precision of the sniper rifle over the wild innacurracy of the gas powered rifle" The two began thier biccuring, but Ron just ignored the rest of their arguments. Noticing the opened hole of the carrier getting close and a few grunts bouncing off the pod from getting sucked out into the vacuum, he stood up and loaded a fresh clip into his rifle. "Shut up and get ready" Ron said as he grabbed a handle bar of the pod, bracing for impact. Dave and Cindy became quiet immediately and joined Ron in standing. The three other Spartans that were making light conversation in the rear of the pod quickly became quiet. The pod attached and opened the doors allowing all six of the Spartans to float out onto the ship.