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Comments for 'A New Breed, Chapters 1.1 - 1.2'

shitake mushrooms
11:04 am | September 25, 2002
pretty good story, keep up the good work. about you ending your writing career, dont do it!
3:07 am | September 15, 2002
*exist together without death to the author...
2:49 am | September 15, 2002
Geshtu you may notice that sometimes the comment area turns into a discussion area having not much to do with the story...lol.

I would like to add, Go Merc! Merc is back after bravely sacrificing his Mech filled story to the flames of commentors. His sacrifice may have opened up the minds of others, just enough that the word Mech and Halo could, for brief times exist in the same story with death to the author. Go Merc, go diablo and all the authors who tried to do something different.

That is all I have to say. Sorry Geshtu for using your stories comment space. Please keep posting stories.

1:46 am | September 15, 2002
lol I know I used mechs in my story, but first of all, they were just made up weapons. If you're going to say that mechs are dumb, then I will say that plasma tipped bullets are stupid. Mechs were just used as weapons, not as main characters, and they didn't exactly turn the whole entire war around. Merc used them for the entire story(and..well im not going to get into that)
12:27 am | September 15, 2002
ummm... *Raises hand* How about we not, and say we did?
9:34 pm | September 14, 2002
WHo else do we know who did that...
9:23 pm | September 14, 2002
LMAO I remember Merc. lol what a loser putting mechs in his story....
7:01 pm | September 13, 2002
Diablo... remember the action you wanted? I'm going to disappoint you.

As for the story, it is a really great piece, trust me. You're better than a lot of us here at HBO; namely MM, maybe a few other authors who haven't the courage you do to actually post these pieces in the face of such comments you see.

And even though you don't get many, don't be discouraged, comments are often never put there because people say 'I'll let the others handle praise to a kickass author.'

10:30 am | September 13, 2002
Hey man don't quit my first like seven stories or something like that were rejected. ANd well then theirs merc nevermind I'm not gonna mention merc. But here's a hint don't put mechs in your stories big no no. SO DON"T QUIT I COMMAND YOU TO KEEP WRITEING.
4:08 am | September 13, 2002
Don't get discouraged Geshtu, you neither diablo ;)

Now Geshtu, you do have a good gift of springing stuff at the end of a story. I had no clue last time it was a dream until the end and this time I had no clue that they were all Spartans. Is there something up with this, are you really writing your stories in reverse? lol

Keep writing will you. Give people a chance to criticize your work (not too severely though), you'll also find that others really like your work and will start to speak up. Either way, keep writing so long as you enjoy it. Don't cheat yourself.
2:33 am | September 13, 2002
Geshtu, everyone has to face a point where they have to gain the readers opinon that it's good, by writing good stuff, I gained their opinion by writing crude humor comedies, but thats just me. Don't give up Geshtu, I'm sure this will get better. Hey look at me, wait everyone stil hates me! ;D
2:33 am | September 13, 2002
yes...burgers and...ostrage feathers...Wayne Newton?...what a mother...END OF YOUR WRITING CARRER?!?!?! you just started! ok well I bid ye fairwell!....Wayne Newton....kicks....ouch...
12:16 am | September 13, 2002
well one of the mac sattelites should have taken out the shields on the larger carrier. maybe i didnt write that down sometimes i dont put whats in my head on paper and my mind fills in the blanks when i read it....so the story is great in my head just not on paper :) anyway i think this is the end of my writing carrier lol what a glorious one :)
Knightmare Wolf(MM
12:14 am | September 13, 2002
Well Diablo, I could start by shoving my foot up your... derriere and like... kick you multiple times and say.... have grunts bite your kneecaps till you... know.

sound good?

12:05 am | September 13, 2002
well I want to know what grunts are doing out of the ship, 'cause I'm sure the transport ship didn't blast a hole through the shields AND the ship, now thats just unreal.
8:54 pm | September 12, 2002
Um I don't know what to say... so I'm not gonna say anythign keep trying