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Halo: A Strange Tale (Part 4)
Posted By: Gasmask
Date: 25 January 2002, 11:39 pm

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    Planet Lo' Howon
    S'pht Kr archives cavern
    Time: Unknown
     Water rushed up past his thighs as the Master Chief frantically searched for a way out. The door would not budge. He hit it several times with the butt of his rifle, but to no avail. It was up to his armpits when he looked up. In the center of the ceiling was a small grate. "That's it!" he exclaimed as the water rushed up past his head.
    "Chief," Cortana said, "You have a five minute oxygen reserves. The sheild should keep the water off you."
    "It should take only several seconds to get through that grate," the chief replied, comfortingly. He threw a grenade through the bars. It bounced slightly, then came to rest perilously on one of the bars. Then the timer ran out and it exploded, shattering the weak grate. The Chief swam upwards towards the light ahead. He pulled himself up and out of the sewer, and flicked on his flashlight. He was in a relatively well lit hallway. He turned off his light and looked down at the compass on the assault rifle's display screen. It showed north to the right. He progressed down the hall, took a right, a left, another right, and one more left. He found himself lost once or twice, untill Cortana said, "We need to go left at this intersection. It will lead to a stairway up to the next terminal."
    The Chief turned left then said, "How would you know?"
    "I, uh, have had the map schematics all the time. I wanted to see if you could find it yourself," Cortana replied, sheepishly.
    The Chief swore mentally, and went the way she told him. On the way, he met some kind of flying parasite. Bullets ejected from the Master Chief's magazine, and the parasite crashed to the floor in a bloody heap.
    "Cortana, analyze this please," the Chief said, nonchalauntly.
    "Yes, dear," she replied, "This is some kind of parasite, obviously, but it has not been termed. It's body structure is that of a..."
    "That's enough. I just wanted to know what it was. Let's just call it a wasp for now," the Chief said as he stepped over the dead alien.
    Mist covered the passage like a blanket in front of him. Once more he turned on his light. A pit lay under him, containing the bodies of P'fhor and Jarro. The bodies were all impaled upon giant stalagmites that wer filed to a razor point. The Chief exhaled, took five steps back, plunged forwards and jumped. He missed the cliff edge and quickly grasped it with his left hand. He heaved himself up and over, and crept forwards. Ahead of him was a door. He hit the activation switch, and it opened up. Inside was a single terminal. The Chief walked forwards and pressed the activation switch. Text ran over his view. He read:
    Year 189
    Scientific Entry of the S'pht Kr
    Our numbers have been severely diminished. There are 97 warriors left. But we will not give into the P'fhor. There was a great battle on the Plains of Krench' Len. Many of our warriors were killed. But more of the P'fhor were destroyed. It doens't seem like a victory, however, because the P'fhor are never scathed when the fight. They continue to send more troops constantly. We are in hiding, using hit and run tactics to acheive our means. It is dishonorable, but it keeps us alive. We are now to catalouge the human race.
     Humans are roughly like the P'fhor fighters in their stature, but they seem to be stronger, as a general rule. Our probe telementary shows that technologically wise, they are very primative. They still fight with weapons made of metals, and have no more powerful projectiles other than shafts of wood with metal on the ends, and large rocks. Recently, a great battle between an Empire and a rebeling country took place. It was called the Battle of the Plain of Marathon. It was a slaughter. The Empire was victorious. Some of our fellow scientists believe that there is no hope for the human race. I beg to differ. If we are ever enslaved, the humans may find Lo' Howon, and free us. That day would be far into the future, however. There technological evolution is rather slow. Thus concludes this entry. The Jarro will be categorized in the east terminal.

    >End Transmission<

    The Chief finished reading. He stood in the dimly lit room for some time before turning around. When he did, a glob of acid hit him square in the chest. A yeti had snuck up on him. The Chief turned the alien into ground beef with his assault rifle. Suddenly, Jarro were pouring out of the room from ever side. Lead found its way into targets, wheter the Chief was aiming or not. There were thousands of them. Acid balls flew through the air, tooth and claw found prey in the Chief, and he could do nothing. His rifle was out of ammunition. Suddenly, a glob of acid found its mark in the right place, and the Chief fell to the ground. "N-nn-no!" the chief said as everything went black.