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The New Reach Campaigns Final Chapter
Posted By: Gasmask
Date: 4 November 2002, 10:04 pm

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    Steven clutched his bleeding side. They had won. Against impossible odds, they had won. But it had been brutal. Medic checked out wounded and dead soldiers, and those not badly hurt still patrolled, looking for enemies. Steven walked over to Mike. 
   "What've we got, Mike?"
   "64% casualties. Bad situation, sir."
   Steve nodded.  They had never seen such a severe battle. The stench of blood emanated all around the battle field, and polls of human and alien blood mixed. He sighed heavily.
   "So, what's the good news?"
   "We got one of their admirals, and our techs will begin working on cracking the code on their computer net. Could have some good info." 
  "Good job. Let's start cleaning this place up. Then, we'll contact fleet com. Hopefully, we'll be able to head off the Covenant before the get to Earth again."
   Kr' Nelka bleed freely. He had been shot point blank through the chest by a sniper. He had sent his sword through the humans body quickly after. He vaguely remembered collapsing from a shotgun blast, held by a Spartan. The Spartan. Yes, that was it. He would kill the Spartan. He crept forward slowly, and grabbed the fallen sniper rifle. He looked down the scope, and zoomed in on the chief Spartan's head. He would kill him and avenge his own death. All he had to do was pull the trigger.  He slowly kicked the safety off, steadied his aim, and pulled the trigger.
    It all happened in a split second. There was a shot fired, and the sound of a body hitting the ground. Steven spun, and saw Stephan fall to the ground dead, a bullet sent through his cranium. Steve looked on in horror as the soldier's brains oozed out of his head. He look up, and saw the "dead" Covenant admiral attempt to reload the human sniper rifle. In a fit of blind rage, Steve ran up to the elite, aimed his 8 gauge at his head, and pull the trigger. Once, twice, three times he pumped lead into the beast. The elite didn't stir.
  "Get up, ******. Get up, you slimy *** ** * *****." Still the elite did not stir. Steve took out a combat knife and cut of the alien's head. He held it high, then jammed it on an iron fencepost nearby.
  "Come see!" he yelled. "Come see the one who would destroy us and all our kind! Come see his shame!"
  All the soldiers crowded around and spat at the alien skull.
   "Mike, notify Fleet COM about the situation. Tell them that we have won. The colony of New Reach has been liberated." Mike did as he was bade.
  An hour later, in the center square, the UNSC flag was raised to its highest possible point.  Mike and Steve stood erect at the pole.
  "Ten shun!" Steve yelled. All shoulders went back. "Present Arms!" again, the soldiers did as asked.
  "Ready! Fire!" A volley of assault rifle bullets ejected from fourteen barrels. Again, and again, and again. Finally, the procession was over. They had truly won.


     Fleet COM received the message about the Covenant invasion, and squelched it. Steve and Mike went on to other colonies to see what good they could do. They ended up releasing all the colonies under the Covenant Communist's rule. Mike died gloriously in battle, sacrificing his life for the rest of his squad's. Steven went on to receive every conceivable medal in the UNSC, and was hailed as a hero. A statue of him was made in his honor, one of him and the original Master Chief Fighting side by side, the Chief armed with an AR, and Steve armed with his beloved shotgun. The statue was placed outside of Fort Strom on the colony of New Reach. The Covenant had once again been repelled, and sent a message to every human colony that they would never again make war against the humans. A race that so valiantly fought them did not deserve to be enslaved or destroyed. Thus ended the war between Man and Covenant for good.

The End

       Thank you for reading my stories, and being patiently with me when I didn't put them out as fast as you would have liked. The main issue with all my writings is customer satisfaction, and I hope you enjoyed reading these as much as I enjoyed making them.

Stewart Screpetis