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Comments for 'The New Reach Campaigns Final Chapter'

The Author
12:33 pm | November 6, 2002
Well, it ended the war because mankind destroyed the last of the Conenant's military. Then, the Covenant version of the Vatican decided to throw up their hands and quit. The humans were just too tough to destroy, and quite frankly, they were really po'd. But you never know, they may come back some day with big brother in tow...
12:31 pm | November 6, 2002
This is a could story too bad it never got the regonition it desserved.
Flood impalor
10:14 pm | November 5, 2002
Nice job. But it was a great story. That sucked that mike died though, he was my favorite character.
Arthur Wellesley
4:16 pm | November 5, 2002
This was an excellent story, I really enhoyed it. But how did that forever end the conflict between the two races?
spartan 111
12:00 am | November 30, -0001
sweet storyline, few questions: why did emily have to die, snipers rule, and what kind of prophet has the name shrnek? that shrek with a frigin n?