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The New Reach Campaigns Chapter 3
Posted By: Gasmask
Date: 31 August 2002, 1:01 am

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      General Krensky sat back in his chair, smoking and drinking vodka. His latest assault on the UNSC HQ had been a failure, but he knew that there would be other battles. Other chances to show the UNSC the errors of their ways. He gave one last draw on the burning embers of what was once a massive cigar, and then dropped it into his ashtray. It still lay there, smoldering. It was time to get back to work. He opened a file from his computer, and reviewed the satellite imaging of the latest battle. He saw a friendly sniper take a potshot at a Spartan enemy, and pierce the target through the foot. He saw an enemy sniper take out several officers, and another Spartan launch a rocket into a large group of his troops. Curse them all. If the Spartans hadn't been there, who knew if the USSSR would have been stopped? He got out of his chair, and hit his intercom button.
      "Elisa, tell majors Strucka and Hloren to meet me in briefing room four in ten minutes. I need to discuss tactics with them."
      "Yes, sir," his secretary responded. He could hear her sending the message in the background. She was a hard worker, and he appreciated her. But even more, he appreciated his majors even more. They helped him with decisions. The way the cabinet did to the UNSC president back on Earth. He rose, and walked across to the window. He looked out, and onto the fort's parade ground. He ran Fort Dartmouth, and he would never forget it. His men and his government came before his very life. He shut the plastic blinds, and the tinkled behind him as he left the office. He walked down a long hall to the turbo lift, and hit "4." He whisked up to the briefing level, and opened the door to BR 4. The majors were already inside.
      "Gentlemen. Thank you for coming."

      Adam 387 looked out the back of the Pelican he was riding in. He saw mountains, fields of flowers, lakes and rivers. It was a tranquil scene. He would have to enjoy it while he could. They were on their way to Fort Dartmouth, to strike back for the USSSR attack on Kennedy city. The Communists had taken much heavier casualties than they, and it was the perfect time to strike as they were licking their wounds. A longsword squadron passed the Pelican. Right on time. They were going to bomb the fort after they took out the AA guns. Then it was up to Adam and his men to mop up. There were three Pelicans flanking his, two of which held his personal teammates. Steve and Emily had helped him out numerous times, and he was about to rely on them again. He knew they could do this. They would always help him out in a pinch.
      Adam surveyed the marines and a few other Spartans. They looked ready to fight, ****** off about the attack on HQ the night before. He shared their emotions. They were going to make those ******** pay through the nose.

      Krensky finished up his speech. He had received advice, and hit his comlink. He was about to signal the pilot to man their longswords, when he heard a deafening boom outside. The officers rushed to the window, and saw smoking husks where the AA defenses had been. Suddenly, they heard a low whistling overhead.
      "Get down!" Krensky ordered, and he flung himself at the two majors. This was unthinkable. Where did they get longswords? How could they smuggle those in under the nose of the entire USSSR? However it was, Krensky resolved to make them pay.

      Explosions rocked the fort. Hangers exploded in a fuel fed fire, and the barrack burst into flames as a bomb hit it. Men screamed as they died, begging for mercy, or for their mothers. There was mass pandemonium. Four Pelicans landed in the midst of the wreckage, dropping of eight Spartans and forty marines. Bullets burst from firing chambers, men fell, and carnage ensued. Officers died, falling while retreating or in the defense of their men. Adam was in the midst of all this. His assault rifle was blaring, lead spewing from the barrel, and smoke was wafting from the weapon. The fort would soon be theirs. The raided the bunkers. Officers raised their hands in surrender. They found every officer. All but one. And that one man laughed as he rode in his Pelican, all the way back to Fort Strom. It would continue.