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Comments for 'The New Reach Campaigns Chapter 3'

The Author
10:33 pm | September 3, 2002
Hey, guys? This is supposed to be a comment section on the storys, not a "Jerry Springer" session. Knightmare, thanks for sticking up for me, but please watch you language. I have family members that check my comments, and some of them are rather young. To mean kid, I have a life. More than you do if all you can do is degrade people. Oh, and you are what if you spend all this time trying to tear people down? Oops! I can't say that either, so eat this. YOU YELLOW BELLIED ****** ******! WHO THE **** DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? GET YOUR *** OVER HERE RIGHT NOW SO I CAN KICK IT STRAIGHT TO THE ******* MOON!
9:09 pm | September 3, 2002
Hey Knightmare, there's more to life then being a drunk, senseless sailor. If both of you don't have nothin' nice to say, keep your mouth shut, your ass hole open at all times, and we all go home in one piece. Am I right Marines?! *knightmare and...uh the dipshit* "Sir, yes, sir!" Mmm hmm, damn right I am no move it out, double time. Good story, too.
6:50 am | September 2, 2002
Hey Fucker, back off, theres more to life than degrading people who could do a lot better than any piece of shit you could come up with.
the mean kid
3:47 am | September 2, 2002
Dude get a life. there is more to life than HALO..................DORK