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The Marine's Prayer
Posted By: Gasmask
Date: 12 November 2002, 5:18 pm

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Semper fidelis,
That is our cry,
We fight enemy on land
And in sky

We will not falter
We are the earth's last hope
That is why we fight
Through the Covenant's grope

But we can't fight alone
We must trust in God
He is our Saviour
He, our life pod

Yea, though I walk
Through the valley of death
I know it is He
Who gives me life and breath

Praise to the Lord
Who is our salvation
Who gave himself
For every tribe and nation

Dear Lord, as we fight,
Keep us, we pray,
That we may live on
To fight another day

As our lives grow dim
As our breath grows thinner
We ask thee, O God,
Be merciful to me, a sinner

Mold me and shape me
As I should be
Ever a living
Soldier for Thee

I pray, keep us safe
Through death's dark hour
We'd have no life
If not for Thy power

Lord, be with home
And with kin
Protect them, I pray,
Keep them within

Lord most high, save me
I cannot save myself
I pray, save me
Save me from myself

Make me humble, dear Lord
Do not let me be proud
Let my heart rejoice
At thy trumpet's sound

Dear Lord God
We cry to thee
For those in peril
On land and sea