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Comments for 'The Marine's Prayer'

4:12 pm | November 22, 2002
Yeah! I noticed a lot of n00bies here, too.
5:26 pm | November 19, 2002
Semper fidelis means "always faithful" in Latin.
6:13 pm | November 17, 2002
Hey great peom, i am not really into religion or anything but your poem really sounded good. One more thing: What does Semper Fi mean?
5:06 am | November 17, 2002
i know MSS isn't a newb, but looking at al the people that posted, there's alot of new faces!
8:23 am | November 15, 2002
*No offense intended to any religious believers*Buddy Jesus Says:I Love this poem, semper fidelis, long live the marines!
1:23 am | November 15, 2002
MSS isn't a n00b, what do you mean el halo
4:52 am | November 14, 2002
Wow quite a bit more newbs than i thought there would be during my downtime...welcome!
The Author
4:12 am | November 14, 2002
Another quick note: I thank you for the offers of support. Like Jesus said, "They will hate you because of me." We, as the largest group of people on the earth, need to stick together. May we be the type of seed that fell on good soil. God bless all of you, my brothers and sisters in Christ!
The Author
3:47 am | November 14, 2002
Yeah, you can go ahead and post it. I have no qualms, provided you give me credit and a link to where you posted it.
Neco Divad
10:57 pm | November 13, 2002
Thanks. Most of it was deleted when I went through the airpost's x-ray machein. I'm working on rewrighting it. I'm almost done. It's meant to explain every thing Elites Legend didn't. It was meant to be posted first but I got impatant. I'm regretin it now. I want to have it taken down so I can rewrite parts and edit out some misspelling and the like. Then I'll post them both at the same time.
10:52 pm | November 13, 2002
Great stuff man. Simper Fi long live the Marines!Anyway Neco Divad Said:I'm trying to write a story about a Christian ODST.Really thats really cool man.
Neco Divad
9:09 pm | November 13, 2002
Can I post this on my site too? This is awsome. I'm trying to write a story about a Christian ODST. I know it sounds weird, but who said it couldn't happen. Great job. I'll back you if someone flames you for this.
8:39 pm | November 13, 2002
you are the MAN! well.. technically God is, but you get my point. :-DBest poem about anything that i've seen in a long time. And that's including the sonnets i've had to read this entire year.
The Author
8:15 pm | November 13, 2002
Note to those who would bash me: I make no apologies for what I wrote. If you were offended by what you read, that's you problem, not mine. And if you were bothered by it, it may be a GOOD thing. Bash me if you will, but I will make no apologies.
The Author
7:52 pm | November 13, 2002
Jesus said:"They will hate you because of me."I'm ready.
5:44 pm | November 13, 2002
Hey, great wrighting! I was expecting something silly about killing Covenants, actually it is very nicely done. By chance, are you a believer? Well, scratch that question. I admire you for puting religous tones to the prayer. You will unfortunately be stoned, but hey, if you are a believer then God bless and don't hold back. And if your not, no offense intendid.