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The Eyes of the Enemy
Posted By: Gasmask
Date: 31 March 2002, 7:03 pm

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Date: January 13, 2890
Location: Planet Kr' Daneth
Operation: Extinction

     The wind howled over the majestic buildings of the planet Kr' Daneth. Hoverships zipped around over the heads of the city's citizens. All was peacful on this planet. Citizens flocked into temples to worship thier pagan idols. The people that occupied this city were not human. They were the Covenant. The citizens were unarmed, and had no rank. They only had a goal, which was to worship Dannook, the god of all. Dannook was a warlike god, or so the people believed. In reality he did nothing at all. But they believed anyway. They had to believe, or they would suffer the fate of the puny humans. Extinction. On this day, we concentrate on a warrior amongst the worshipers. His name is Kul' Derog. An elite. He has just finished a mission against the pathetic race that was an affront to Dannook. He praised the idol for his success, and left. When he returned to the base, he recounted all of the mission from his memory. The screams of the female humans and children. The painful sound of humans dying. He remembered it all. They had slaughtered a colony. Which was only the first. While he was in memory, a light blinked on his telecom. Kul' Derog activated the device, and a Covenant admiral appeared. Kul' Derog bowed before his superior.
     "Gontha Majik! I stand ready to carry out your orders!"
     The hologram stared at him, then said, "Arise, my brother. Here is your assignment. You are to report to the cruiser Death and Destruction immediately. We are going to strike another human colony soon, and I want you to be their to earn your Kr' Neshka armour." There was a moment of dead silence while Kul' Dereg took in what he had heard. He would be promoted if all went well. He would strip off his blue armour for the red. Pride swelled throughout him.
     "I will go immediately!" he said, "Konaga, Gontha Majik!"
     "Konaga," the admiral said, returning the most honored and sacred salute.
     Several hours later, Kul' Derog stepped out of a transport shuttle and into the landing bay of the Death and Destruction. It was a wonderful ship, the same size as the Truth and Reconciliation. A grunt wearing yellow armour saluted him as he passed. The elite worked his way up, saluting lesser warriors as he went. Finally, he got to the bridge. "Captain Fredja!" the elite barked,"Lieutenant Kul' Derog reporting for duty." The Captain turned away from the main holopanel navigation charts to stare at his lesser. "You are the warrior sent here by the admiral, correct?" the captain asked, sharply.
     "I am, sir."
     "Then prepare yourself for hypertravel. We should be at the human colony New Rome in an hour."
     "Yes, sir."
     All the crew prepared, and then the ship slipped through space like a hot knife through butter.
     An hour later, the ship rumbled, then stopped. Its pulse engines whirred as the ship came into orbit. Kul' Derog looked down on the lush jungle planet below. It would be a shame to incinerate it. Suddenly, the ship wide holocon kicked on. "Attention, all strike team members. Report to the docking bay in ten minutes to load up. All hunters, please report to the docking bay. All pilots, man your banshees. This is not a drill."
     Kul' Derog jumped up along with all the other elites and grunts. There was a great swarm to get through the dimly lit halls and out of the mess hall in time. They all got there, and grabbed their weaponry. Kul' Derog held his rifle tenderly, careful not to point it anywhere near a friend. Drop ship after drop ship descended, and troops loaded up. Kul' Derog and another elite jumped into one, and eight grunts followed suit. When the doors closed, silence prevailed. The elite could hear banshees flying along side of the ship, guarding it. There were no port holes, so he couldn't see outside to get his bearings. Instead, he could get a live camera feed from what the pilot was seeing. He turned on the monitor, and grinned. Swarms of banshees and dropships were zipping like flies down on the planet. Kul' Derog threw his head back and laughed, long and hard. It was going to be a slaughter.
     Twenty minutes later, Kul' Derog found out how right he was. It was a slaughter. Snipers cracked off shots into the heads of elites and grunts before hunters gunned them down. Marines were engaging at close range with the enemy. The elite felt blood lust swell through him. He brought the butt of his rifle cracking down on the skull of a human. The enemy soldier slumped to the ground, dead. Bullets whizzed by, and plasma bolts flew. Suddenly, a giant ball of plasma shot out of the woods, and incinerated a bunker filled with marines. The hover tank came out of the woods, only to be shot by a tank and a rocket launcher at the same time. Banshees pelted the enemy vehichles with plasma shots and their fuel rod cannons. Bodies from both sides flew everywhere. Kul' Derog was covered in blood, both covenant and human. His shield was down, and he bled as he destroyed the marine that had opposed him. Warthog cannons blared, and ghosts ran over humans. Kul' Derog threw plasma grenades into and onto his enemies, and they fell with an explosive thud. Laughter came slowly to the elite, so filled with blood rage he no longer cared about his own personal safety. For three hours the battle raged on, until not a human soldier was left alive.
     Two days later. Kul' Derog had recieved his armour from the admiral with pride. Now he patrolled the streets of the colony they had worked so hard to inhabit. Things now were boring. The blood lust had left him, and now the only good thing to do was to patrol. Suddenly, a shot rang out. A bullet penetrated a grunt's neck and he fell to the ground in a crumpled, gory heap. Kul' Derog looked for the sniper, but couldn't see him. "Where in the Krenga..." The elite never finished his sentence. He saw a flash of steel. It was the dreaded enemy. The Spartan warrior. The elite ran inside a dusty building that served as an armory. He powered down his shield, and grabbed a beam sword. When it had powered up, he turned his shield back on. It was now between him and the Spartan. The human creeped out into the open, thinking it was safe. Kul' Derog saw his chance. He charged the warrior. Too late. The Master Chief had spun into a kick, and made an upper kick into the elite's face. Kul' Derog fell to the ground, writhing in pain. When the elite tried to rise, he found himself staring down the barrel of the sniper rifle that killed the grunt. Kul' Derog breathed, "I am unworthy to wear the armor. Dannook avenge me!" He then lay prone to the human, and braced for what was to come. He would take it honourably. The next second, Kul' Derok ceased to exist.