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Comments for 'The Eyes of the Enemy'

8:56 pm | July 18, 2003
That was a great story. I liked how you wrote it from the point of view of the Covenant. That seems to be harder to do because we know less about them and their society then we do about the humans. I liked the ending as well.
5:01 pm | January 18, 2003
Amazing. Literaly. Until now, i had only read your covonant interviews, and had been against your work. But now i see that you to try to make people see the covonet as fellow beings, not mindless monsters, as i do in Ring Of The Forerunners part 3. It's nice to know that other people can see the good that's in the covonant.
11:22 am | April 14, 2002
Thanks for the grammar lesson. I don't have spell check in my e mail account, so things get a little patchy.
10:59 pm | April 6, 2002
that was inspiring and its funny to know that im not the oly one who thinks of things from the covenant point of view
The British Commando
1:39 pm | April 3, 2002
Not bad...P.S When you are talking about a place, use "there" not "Their", as that mans a possesion.
3:16 pm | April 2, 2002
nice....real nice...