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Posted By: Frost Bite<Shadowman_2@hotmail.com>
Date: 18 May 2004, 2:39 AM

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Please note that this is not a story. This is me telling the truth to a friend. I thought I'd share it though.

I am the one you can never find. I am the constant threat that you can never be rid of. I a, the reason you carry the rocket launcher and the shotgun. I am the PB, the Sniper, The Shotty Sh!t, the reason for that plasma grenade is on your foot. You've tried to stop me. You and your friends made me the target; screw the rest as long as I die.
You Failed.
I am what makes you try harder, hide better, snipe faster, and reload behind cover. I am the only reason you improve. You force me to fight your way... launcher only games, no shields, little health, no radar. I still win. You force me into only one map, one which you know every corner and weapon location. You STILL Lose. Quit denying the inevitable. I am Smarter, Faster, Better. You FEAR Me.
As long as I am still on the map you will never be at ease. You see me in every shadow. You throw grenades at where YOU would be hiding. You don't even see me. I'm the legs walking over your corpse. I didn't even waste a shot. You preorder and soak up info on the newest games. You invite me over to when I have yet to play. You Still Lose.
You read strategies, practice for hours, eat and sleep one game at a time trying to beat me. I am playing for fun. You play to beat me. I DO NOT TRY. You collapse after one fire fight. You have lost again. I barely notice.
You finally win an exchange. Feel better yet? Wait, what is that. The grenade... I let you win that just to see your corpse fly. I can end 50 point games in minutes, it takes you hours.
You NEVER see me unless I want you to. I have heard it all. "I was reloading, I hit you in the head, and that was an entire clip" maybe... but I still killed you. I get mad if you scratch my shields. I get mad at myself for letting you hit me.
I am legendary. You are pathetic.
You Fear Me, and rightly so. I hide in shadows, in light, on top walls or under bridges. You call me a camper and a coward. Excuses. I am better then you will EVER be. Die with honor or Die Very, Very alone.
You Fear Me.
I hate playing with you. I feel like sleeping through these matches. You keep at it though. I play to end your ego trip. Endless taunts, ended with the finality of a coffin closing. Click, you are dead. Click, again you fall. You look for instant kill weapons. I slowly kill you just to see you squirm. You use Blood Gulch so I can not hide. You Lose Anyway. You try Hang'em High so YOU can hide. I never fired a shot. You use Longest to force me to fight you head on. I just land my pistol on your neck.
The Stage won't help.
You change my weapons. Pistols only, No scopes, only rifles, Covenant only, Human Only, House rules that always change. That doesn't help either. You STILL Lose. I wait for you to say you're ready, kill you and wait again. I have never been this bored. I can't wait for you to get a new game. I want a challenge.You Fear Me.
What can I say. I am just that good. Find someone that is your equal. I am still waiting for it. You are getting better. You are radically changing tactics. Using weapons you normally hate. You still have much to learn. I have been where you are now. I can not remember that far back though.
How can anyone play that bad. You need to work on basics like Strafing, jumping, hiding, aiming, reloading, FIREING. You could use my advice but you never listen. I offered to train you. You declined. I offered to give you a refresher on the basics. You accused me of being scared. Fine, I will just beat you again. I only offered so I would have a better challenge. You STILL FEAR me.
You come with me to tournaments. I win first, you win the "Human Grunt Award". Your screen name was changed to the human target. I still offer to help. You refuse.
You Fear What I am.
I wish to see your potential.
I FEAR what we could become together.

PS. 300+ words were added to reach the 750 word minimum.