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Frost Bite
12:03 pm | May 24, 2004
Thats better then mine... my friends keep saying I cheated or they didn't try or some crap like that. however, even if I don't try the scores end up 20 to 0 to 0 to 0 or higher in my favor. But here is a good stratagy against gernades... distance... it's easy to stay clear of a blast if it takes a few seconds to land near you.
Frost Bite
11:56 am | May 22, 2004
... Please clarify Helljumper ...
Nick Kang
1:19 am | May 22, 2004
Wekk, sadly, most of the time my friends are too scared to face me, so I haven't yet had the chance to strategize ANY throw...

10:08 pm | May 21, 2004
hmmm no

Frost Bite
4:26 pm | May 21, 2004
I know the feeling, after a while you can avoid any throwing pattern they creat except the "OMG HE'S COMING AFTER ME" or the "He can't see me throught smoke" tactics. I personally like sniping. 4 Hunters and 4 Elites with 8 shots... AoTCR. Any way, I normally run with a sniper and a Pistol. Yes I am PB. I sorry for that.
Nick Kang
12:25 pm | May 21, 2004
My friends don't really have 'strategies'. To most of them, it's just grenade, grenade, grenade, grenade. So I have developed my own counter-move for those, but since most of my friend really don't do much else, I can't develop any good strategies.

Nick Kang
9:54 am | May 21, 2004
I don't got Xbox Live, or HaloPC for that matter, and most of the fanfests are on the other side of the country from where I live, so, sorry.
And CoLd, I know you could probably kick my ass in Halo. The competition where I live is so bad, it's really, really, really hard to get any better at the game.

Frost Bite
1:33 am | May 21, 2004
Nice shorty there Nick Kang. actually mine was ariginally about that length. how ever I didn't think that it fit the poem format so I had to extend it to 750+ words... ya... thats a pain. Any way I look forward to fighting you at the next Bungie Fan Fest. If I can get down there. Maybe I'll find you on X-Box live near november 12... I'll be playing SP(continuously) till then.
CoLd BlooDed
12:56 am | May 21, 2004
No, Nick Kang, I have a counter-move for all those "strategies". I'd kick yo ass in Halo. :P

Seriously, though, I pwn (yes, that's right, PWN) in Halo, MP and SP. I only let people score on me if I get bored of how the score is 20 to 0, my favor. ;)
Nick Kang
6:57 pm | May 20, 2004
The only reason I ever die against my only friend that gives good competition, is that he always goes insane with plasma grenades. Ouch. I must say, I have only died about three times from his actual weapons fire.
I could make something like your story, except a lot smaller, right here. This is directed to my friend Shawn, also a member of this site.

When I snipe, you run. When I drive, you hide.
When we're neck and neck, you try to stick me with a plasma grenade. I stop you with a brief shot to the head.
I hold the same area against your vicious attacks. I count the victories, 1, 2, 3, 4. I never stop. You cannot stop me. I am the shadow that lurks in the dark. I am the wind in the air. You cannot find me, nor tell where I am coming from. The only way to tell my location, is to look for me after you die to come up an corpse-hump your dead body.

Frost Bite
12:00 pm | May 20, 2004
Darkness90 and Nick Kang got it. It's all about being the one eyed man in the land of the blind. It's not that I think I'm uber player... it's that my compatition is so bad that I am getting bored. However I also mentioned near the end that if he'd let me teach him some tricks that he would be MUCH better then me. He's got potential.
someone that you dont know
11:04 am | May 20, 2004
Nice POEM!! You should have made it a poem. Anyways, who do you think you are? Some uber-halo-super-unbeatable-whoopass-halo player? Hey, dont get me wrong. I like this fanfic. I gotta say, you got some real nerve to submit this in the midst of some hardcore-halo players. Prepare yourself for a lot of pain, but you gotta suffer for your art. I liked it personally, but hear this, I (meaning ME) fear no fear. 8/10
2:49 am | May 20, 2004
You're walking along, trying to find a shotgun. What? Is that Ares dropping right on top of you? Bam. You're dead, and the plasma grenades didn't even explode yet. No damage taken.

I can relate to this. Ares is my Halo game name.

This poem / story / whatever (I think you would call it a descriptive narrative) really makes you feel good to be an expert at playing Halo.

- Darkest
1:17 am | May 20, 2004
Best driver from the southwest (that I know). Not to brag, but I like to get into conversations.

By the way, does anyone here live in Austin?
Nick Kang
1:03 am | May 20, 2004
Ummm...it's coo...it's coo.

But that reminds me of me against my friends. Once it was just me against two of my friends, Sidewinder, 400% shields, no radar, all vehicles, and I kicked their butts. Easily.

Frost Bite
12:29 am | May 20, 2004
Hold up... I just wrote this because I'm beyond the players near enough to play against me. I know that if I played against most of the players on here I'd be creamed... then beaten in Halo.I've watched some of the tricks you guys found in multiplayer (eg clipping) and i know that I'd ony get better by playing you guys/girls. and frankly I'd love to play you guys... I'm really bored.

PS. keep giving me info and maybe I'll write one you'll like :)
8:22 pm | May 19, 2004
Great poem or story. ??? i think there are a few out there that can relate to this. and by that i mean that they always loose to someone better than they are. LoL.
No one
7:50 pm | May 19, 2004
It's a good poem but in reality against someone they would beat u impossible that they wouldn't win eventually.