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True Purpose(2)
Posted By: Frensa Geran<frensageran99@hotmail.com>
Date: 29 April 2003, 2:44 AM

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True Purpose
A world behind his eyes

Location: UNSC Frigate Columbia (Space Unknown)
Year: 2550

"So what you're telling me, is I can't go back?" Chip said as he sat on a container in the Loading Bay. His mind was in a mess, as Captain Marshal began to explain.

"No, I'm afraid not." He said in his reassuring voice. "But there is good news. The place you just left, is far worse than where you are now."

Chip looked up at him, his shoulders slumped. "And where may I ask are we, sir?"

The Captain looked nervous, and his voice was lowered. "This is what we call, the Halo System."

The Halo system? Huh? He thought to himself. "Halo sir?"

"The 'ring' you passed through was more than just unusual space junk. It was a gateway into galaxies all over the universe. Each one connected to another. When my Frigate had first arrived in the Threshold system on a blind jump, we had no idea what to do. The Covenant were chasing us, and the only safe haven was that Ring World. We landed, and had a 4-week long Guerilla war, almost costing us all our lives. They left, but we stayed. We had found artifacts, and secret chambers all throughout it. It was more than just debris; it was a research lab, a gateway, and so much more.

Finally the Covenant came back to finish us off, and we were forced to depart. But one thing we knew about the ring world, was its gateway technology. We activated it and came here. That was our mistake. They found out how to use it too, and they colonized the entire sector."

Chip took in the story, following every word. "How long have you been trapped here?"

The Captain seemed confused, "Trapped?" He said with a chuckle, "...we can leave whenever we want. We outnumber them 2 to 1. When we went through, we immediately went back through the gateway, and informed Reach. They sent an entire fleet of ships and supplies so we could colonize, and fight in this sector. You see those 13 moons?" He said, pointing out the windows.

"6 of them are ours. A 7th is under siege right now."

Chip was still confused, "How come I never knew about this operation?" He asked.

The Captain once again lowered his voice. "The secrets we found in that Halo, the ones the Covenant still know nothing about, could kill us all. A Special Operations fleet had to come in. But with that, we brought our secret weapon."

"Chief, come on out." Captain Marshal said in an upbeat voice.

A door opened, and through the darkness, out came a green suited trooper, with a gold visor. Its easy, relaxed walk showed off the suites mobility. Chip was almost afraid to stare, thinking it would strike. It came close, standing next to the Captain with its hands behind its back. "Hello." It said in a deep voice.

Chip almost fainted. Could the stories be true? It was a Spartan, something he was told of, but thought of them as myths. "Sir..." was all he could mutter out.

"This is Master Chief. His real name is Mark, but Chief will do him just fine." The Captain said tapping the green mans shoulder. "He will debrief you on your new mission, now that you're here. You'll be put on bombing duty, but the rest I'll let Chief explain.

"Come with me." The Chief said, turning and heading towards the door.

Chip was almost too scared to walk, but as the Chief stopped and waited, he had a rush of adrenaline, fearing what he might do. He took one last look at his Longsword, and headed for the door. "So uhh, Chief, where we headed?" He said in a nervous manner.

"Armory..." is all the Chief said. He appeared to be a man of a few words, serious, and emotionless.
"So how long have you been in this quadrant?" Chip said, trying to start a conversation.
"Three months. I've helped with the infantry division. I've helped take 'A' and 'C'."

Chip was confused, once again in this new place. "A and C?"
"We give each moon a letter, and once we finish off the Covenant, they'll get names."

They had arrived at the armory, with its steel door guarded by two marines. They saluted as always, and the door opened. Chip was amazed. It was a candy land of weaponry. Rocket Launchers, Sniper Rifles, even Covenant weapons. The Chief walked straight to the MA5B's, grabbing one and a few clips. He took the MA5B on the strap and put it over his shoulder, while adding the clips into a seamless belt that was attached to the suit.
Chip did the same, except taking only a pistol, the only thing he was certified for. As he put it in his belt, the Chief stopped him. "What are you doing?"

"Getting my pistol. Regulations say I can't have anything bigger."

The Chief chuckled for the first time, grabbing a Sniper Rifle and lobbing it to him. "I suggest for the time being, you lose the regulations."

Chip had a good laugh, when suddenly the deck plating shuttered. Red sirens went off, and the comm. came on. "This is the Captain, all hands to battle stations. Marine Force Delta to loading docks 5 and 6 Sierra. Master Chief and Pvt. Nicholas to the Fighter Bay."

"Looks like you're coming with me." The Chief said, sprinting to the door.

Chip followed closely out the door. As he passed corridor by corridor he watching the crew frantically grab pistols and defend the ship. An anti-matter charge blasted to his right, as a Covenant pod attached to the ship. Shots were fired, but he ran past it before he could see anything. A door was ahead of them, and once it opened, the grandeur of the ship was obvious. The ceiling to the Fighter bay seemed to go up miles. Only one fighter was aboard.

"Quick, get in!" The Chief said, closing the walkway ramp. It shut with a hiss of hydraulics and the ships engines powered up.
"Where are we goi..."? Chip began to say before he was flown to the back by the force of take off. When he shook it off, they were already above the Covenant Cruiser. "Alright, take the controls, and put your seatbelt on, and an oxygen mask!" The Chief said over the thud of plasma fire!

The Chief put him self where the walkway ramp would come down. "When I say so, open it, and fly immediately back towards the Columbia. Understood?"

Chip nodded, waiting for the signal.

"Steady... steady... NOW!" The Chief yelled.

Faster than he could think Chip opened the ramp, feeling the force on his seat as the air was sucked out. Chip tried to maintain control, while watching the Master Chief jump out of the ship, and landing on the Cruiser.
"Crazy SOB if you ask me..." He said in his mask. Once the bay was closed he depressurized the ship, and began to fly to the Columbia.

A large crash and thud was felt under him, and sparks flew from the controls. He once again could not control his ship, as it was heading on a nosedive to the Cruiser.

"Holy..." He began to say before the ship collided, erupting in a ball of flames...

To be continued...