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Comments for 'True Purpose(2)'

7:08 pm | August 18, 2003
good 10/10
11:20 am | May 3, 2003
Nice touch, I'm guessing that you ARE using a diferent Master Chief, right? The one in the game is named John.

You may also want to make the pilot a bit less suprised to EVERY situation he encounters, he seems pretty cowardly then...

cheers, 9/10
Frensa Geran
10:42 pm | May 1, 2003
Last time I checked...

Oh, and thank you for the comments.
10:39 pm | May 1, 2003
9/10 Keep it goin boy.... u are one right?
James Kinsella
9:34 pm | May 1, 2003
Good start! I hope this series is long lived.