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True Purpose
Posted By: Frensa Geran<frensageran99@hotmail.com>
Date: 27 April 2003, 8:50 PM

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True Purpose
Flash of time

Location: Threshold System
Year: 2550

A flash of blue light emerged in the system, as Pvt. Nicholas tried to maintain hold of his Longsword.
"Mayday Mayday! This is Pvt. Chip Nicholas to any UNSC vessels in the area. I have made a blind jump to coordinates 77 mark 343. I am being followed by 2 Covenant Battle Ships and in need of immediate assistance!" He called out over the comm., unsure of his fate.

Behind him, 2 larger blue flashes appeared, as the two Covenant vessels went out of slipstream behind him. The comm. panel beeped as he received a message. For a moment, his heart rose and a smile dawned him, as he though Humans were hailing. He pressed the button, "This is Pvt. Nicholas, go ahead."

"Your destruction is the will of the Gods..." Came an eerie evil voice.
"Crap..." He said, pulling the throttle forward. The Longsword zoomed toward the gas giant, and just as he arrived, his computer noticed a foreign object. "What the hell..." He thought, as his ship approached it.

A flash came from behind him, and then a rattle, as the Covenant began to fire. Red sirens filled the ship, and his controls were shot. He couldn't slow down or change his course. He was heading straight through the ring shaped object.
He pulled and jolted his controls, but nothing would work. It dawned on him, that he wouldn't hit the ring, but simply pass through it. For a moment, he was reassured...

Location: Covenant Cruiser (Threshold System)
Year: 2550

"Sir, he's heading through Halo, he will not land on it." Came the Logistics Grunt, in his high-toned voice.

Commander Kang sat upon his seat, his lower-lower jaw tightened. He squeezed the sides of his chair, thinking of options. There was only one.
"Activate the Halo's Transporter. Let's play with him for a while..." He said in an evil grin.

Location: Longsword
Year: 2550

"Alright, once I get these controls fixed I can try to..." He began to say before he became in awe of what he saw. A purple ball of gas has formed in the center of the ring, and he was heading for it.
Closer and closer he got, it grew large enough to encompass his ship. "No!" He said, pulling pointlessly on his control. He approached it, and his vessel was lost in the purple mist.

Location: Unknown
Year: Unknown

Chip had blacked out in his seat once they passed through the gas. Once he came to, his ship had shut down. Behind him was the ring. The breathed a sigh of relief, "Phew. Looks like the purple gas just shut down my engines. I should be thankful." He closed his eyes and relaxed on his seat, gathering his thoughts.
He opened them, and his jaw dropped.
"Where am I?" He thought at first.
Ahead of him, were dozens of moons, circling an all blue planet, which was entirely made of water? Space was covered in millions of white dots; stars covered the sky. He knew he was not in his galaxy.

"Computer, calculate distance traveled in the past hour." He said. He watched as a white line, his course, flew through the Threshold system, and approached the ring. But as it went through the object, the computer stalled.
"Calculating... calculating... calculating..." It went on for a half hour, when the computer finally finished. The white line continued for a few kilometers beyond the ring, but his distance traveled was in millions of light years.

"My God..." He thought. His mind was a mess, and he couldn't think of what to do next. Would he go back through the ring, or explore the vast new space he could not traverse?
"But the Covenant will kill me if I go back."

His ships engines came back online, and his controls were operating. "A Planet of all water..." He said with a smile. "This could be a scientific marvel. I might get famous."

He powered up his engines and flew towards the dozens of moons that encircled it. As he got closer, his life seemed over. The computer said in an eerie tone, "Warning, Covenant bases detected." The monitor showed that each moon contained Covenant Instillations. It was infested.
Another beep hit his ears; this time it was the comm. He was afraid to press it, and listen to the dark and evil Covenant voices, but something inside of him wanted to.

"This is Captain Marshal of the UNSC Frigate "Columbia", please identify yourself." The voice said...