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Comments for 'True Purpose'

11:00 am | May 2, 2003
Nah, I meant that the Covenant names weren't like...ah...ah. Like this all the Elite names in the book were like this Rekeo 'Uealieee. Something exotic and weird.
1:39 pm | May 1, 2003
just so you all know i was anonymous
Frensa Geran
10:57 pm | April 30, 2003
How I phrased the names? You mean how I refered to them? "Said Commander Kang" isn't right or something?
Frensa Geran
10:57 pm | April 30, 2003
Hehe, BTW, "Mayday Mayday! This is Pvt. Chip Nicholas to any UNSC vessels in the area. I have made a blind jump to coordinates 77 mark 343!"

Coordinates 77 mark 343? Could I have been any more suddle? Lol
2:49 pm | April 30, 2003
I was talking about the Covenant names. Try to phrase 'em like in the book.
Frensa Geran
11:15 am | April 30, 2003
What do you mean my names are off? All characters within my story are completely unused in TF. No I didn't read it. Is there a Capt Marshal or Pvt. Nicholas in TF?

BTW: Thanks for telling me about he can't be a private. For the sake of continuity thought, he'll stay a Private.
2:45 am | April 30, 2003
2:42 am | April 30, 2003
Oooooo!! This is the kind of stuff that I look forward to, keep it up! Good twists and good storyline. I concur with James kinsella in saying: "Definitley a good satrt to a story" 9/10
7:10 pm | April 29, 2003
8.5/10 I im positive that pilots are Lt.'s and above
10:53 am | April 29, 2003
8.5/10. Have you read, Halo: The Flood? Your names and actions are off that of the Covenant in the book. Also pilots of Longswords wouldn't be privates or noncoms. All pilots are officers.
Frensa Geran
2:09 am | April 29, 2003
9.5/10? LOL, stop teasing me!

But if this gets a 9.5, part two (which i just sent in) will get an 11. Maybe even 11.2! ;)
1:23 am | April 29, 2003
liked the was you spaced out the story and interjected with a covenant perspective
Shadow Spartan
12:03 am | April 29, 2003
well done...well done...9.5/10
10:55 pm | April 28, 2003
this is going to be really wierd! but also very kick ass!
James Kinsella
6:50 pm | April 28, 2003
Definetly a good start to a story, I hope you send the next one in soon. I really liked the Covenant's idea of "play"