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Rogue Beast (Prologue)
Posted By: Frensa Geran<frensageran99@hotmail.com>
Date: 9 April 2003, 10:19 PM

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Rouge Beast: Prologue

Location: Unknown Solar System
Year: 2552

"Prophet, the specimen has arrived" Came a Grunt over the comm. Prophet Izahea had been sitting in her chamber aboard her own Cruiser, going over the details of this new species they'd discovered. It would make a wonderful addition to their Covenant.

"Affirmative. I'll be out shortly." She said, closing the view screen. Her hover chair blew dust from the old purple steel floor. The ship hadn't been used in years, after the new model was created. But Izahea was quite picky about her vessels, and she'd grown a kinship to this one.
The doors opened from her chamber, onto the loading docks. A Drop ship had just entered, with a steel cage within its blue plasma stream. Izahea smiled, knowing the treasure that it held.

"Docking complete, discharging plasma field." Came the Pilot. The steel cage hit the ground with a thud, rocking back and forth, as the creature inside tried to escape.

"No need to waste your energy..." Izahea said under her breath as she rose from her chair, carrying a very old walking stick. As she approached the cargo, it began to move even quicker, the low rumble and growl heard easily now. As she was within a few feet, a mechanical grind came from it, as the sealed cage, turned to thick metal bars, allowing the creature to be witnessed by all.
It was glorious. The thick brown fur and large red eyes scared even the nearby Elites, each readily equipping themselves with rifles.
The Prophet was even more in awe, putting her beak closer to the cage. The deck was silent, as was the animal. "What is it called?" She asked.
"A Brute, ma'am."

She looked closer at its hands, scratching her feeble head. "How will it fight, these hands can't hold any of our modern weapons?"
An Elite stepped forward, carrying a case that opened up to reveal a new weapon. "He will use this. It's a Plasma Rocket. It carries the load of an overcharged Plasma Pistol, but much stronger." He said, licking his white teeth with delight.
"Its melee attack is something to behold, even to our Hunters." He said.
All of the Covenant stepped back, as the cage opened. The Brute began to charge the Elite, but a force field was put in place right on time.
"What was that?" Izahea asked.
"Just to show you its power." He said.

A door across the hall opened, with two Elites, carrying a Human Marine by the arms. The Marine looked unconscious, but the Elites injected him with a stimulant, sending him on a rampage. "NO! Let me go! Let me leave!!" He screamed.
The Elites hit him across the face, and threw him into the force-fielded area, along with the Brute.
Its red eyes gazed at the already frightened Marine. It breathed heavily, making its hands into fists, getting ready to strike. He charged suddenly, lifting his hands over his head. Just before he got to the marine, her stopped, and threw down his fists, breaking open the Marines skull.

Everyone was shocked, but pleased. "Excellent! They will make a fine inclusion to the Covenant. But, how do we train them?" An Elite asked.
Izahea smiled, "The same way we trained the Grunts, Jackals, and Hunters. We'll warp their minds into our way of life. They will become Covenant. And the Humans, will have no chance.

Location: Brute Home World
Year: 2553

The bitter cold landscape was ablaze will yells of Elites, and the cracking of whips upon the enslaved Brutes. Camps were placed all across the continents where they once lived freely. No longer did they fish in fresh rivers, or nurture their young. Now their only job was to the Covenant. An evil organization, bent on conquest.
Roe, a middle aged female Brute, was lined up with countless others, each receiving their ration meal for the day. Their launch date was only a month away, where they would be taken from this Planet, and put aboard Covenant Battle Ships. This was all foreign to their species. The only knew of here, only of fire and water. Their weapons where spears and fists, and the only way to conquest were a one on one battle of the males. None of this made sense.
Roe looked around at the Brutes next to her, each seemed drained, unwilling to fight any longer. They had each been brain washed into the Covenant ways, but she wasn't. She wasn't about to give up her mind to a group of twisted, and evil people.
"Hey," Roe said in a low voice, "...we've gotta find a way out of here. I can't stand this torture." She said.

The Brute next to her turned, "What are you saying? We were created for this cause. The Humans have destroyed countless planets of Covenant, all in the name of Humanity. Why would we leave?" He said.

It was clear there was no hope to try and stop the brainwashing. The cold chains across her furry legs stung when the wind blew through the tent. She didn't want to become a prisoner, and she had to find a way out...