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Comments for 'Rogue Beast (Prologue)'

Frensa Geran
2:45 am | April 15, 2003
What may I ask did you not like about it? I was kind of rushing in that area, but it was just to give the idea how brutal the Brutes, and how cruel the Covenant actually are.
3:34 am | April 14, 2003
a few grammar mistakes. I realy dident like the sceen where the brute fought the marine but the rest of it was realy good
James Kinsella
1:12 pm | April 11, 2003
I do agree that it was good and easy to read, but indents make the entire peice look so much more professional. I will "nag" as much as I want.
8:26 am | April 11, 2003
I loved it!! Ireally enjoyed this and will keep my eyes out. I think Kinsella is nagging uselessly. Indents would not have made a difference to the ease with which I read this. Frensa baby! You've shot right up in my top authors list!
2:11 am | April 11, 2003
Would suck to be a human righta about now...

"Freakish blue monster with a wierd jaw... Use the force..."
James Kinsella
12:41 am | April 11, 2003
This has the seeds of greatness, but it needs water(spellchecker). Keep it up!