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Rogue Beast2
Posted By: Frensa Geran<frensageran99@hotmail.com>
Date: 16 April 2003, 2:31 AM

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Rogue Beast
Part 2

Location: Troop Deployment Bay (Izahea Vessel)
Year: 2553

"Men, I have ordered you all from your post because of a dire circumstance. The Brute species we had encountered has gone rogue, allying with the Humans, they have killed countless Covenant, for seemingly no reason. Prophet Izahea has ordered us to wipe them out!" The eight-foot tall Elite said, standing upon a podium, surrounded by thousands of Grunts, Jackals, Elites and Hunters. They were the attack force that would destroy the Brutes.

"Deployment time and locations have been sent to you all, so you all know what to do! Now MOVE!" He roared.

The Prophet had been sitting behind him, nodding her head in approval. "Very nice my friend. It seems they believe whatever we say. The competent fools..."
"Thank you your majesty, we will launch before the day is out." He replied.

Location: Unknown (Brute Home World)
Year: 2553

Roe had been running after the attack for what seemed like days. Her paws were numb, and there was no food in sight. Only the empty caves, which ironically they made, gave her warmth. She was alone in the vast cold mountains, unknowing of her surroundings.

"Why did I leave?" She asked herself one day while sitting in a cave. She was digging in the soil, her hands dry and bruised, looking for roots or grass. Her eyes were red, un-wanting to sleep, and not willing to stay open. Her stomach was dry and eating away. She could feel her bones beginning to break under the stress.
She began to look around the cave, finding the typical black rock, but there was something else. In a corner, a dim green light caught her weary eyes.
As she stepped closer, it turned out to be a pistol, with the plasma still bright and warm. Then the thought came.

"Should I?" She said, as the thought of suicide came over her. She had all the right reasons to, but something held her back. It was a feeling of hope, as if help was on the way. She looked out towards the opening of the cave, finding nothing but whiteness.
Lifting her paw, she grabbed the pistol, and placed it towards her head. A shot was fired...

Her hand was warm, and stung greatly. She looked around finally, realizing she was still in the cave. The pistol lay on the ground, smoking.

The cave opening darkened, as the shadows of three creatures walked in. She wasn't sure who they were, but they didn't seem provoking.

"What were you thinking?!" A deep voice came from the darkness.
"Who... who's there?" She said in her frail voice.

They came out of the darkness. The first thing she had seen was the glistening armor, which endowed his shoulders, purple-grayish in color. The body armor was of most interest, lined with grenades, and in the center, two blue circles. The rest of the body, except for the ends of limbs, was covered in a gray flexible metal. In their left hand, a weapon, that seemed to fit them perfectly.

"It would appear that you are Roe. We thank you." He said. It was a Brute, remarkably strong, and apparently well fed. "It is you who started the uprising. We have been looking for you for quite some time. Give me your paw." He said, reaching out.

Roe felt quite embarrassed, and at the same time, quite shocked. As they left the cave, the reality set in quite well. Dozens of flying purple vehicles, tanks, and hovering cars covered the landscape, while hundreds more Brute Troops were all in a line, each well fed and ready.
"See what you have done for us? You've saved our race." He said, looking out at the magnificent scene.

"We had freed all of the Brutes, and raided the many drop ships of our armor, and of their technology. They have killed themselves!" He said egotistically.

Roe thought, and looked up at the proud male. "What do you mean? I thought everyone had been... brainwashed?" She asked.
He turned to her, and pulled a small device from his pouch. As it opened up, hundreds of pages of data were released, describing the real truth behind the Covenant. They went over it together, and Roe became even angrier.
"How could they do this to all these people. They mentally kill thousands, while killing these "Humans" for some stupid religious reason. The fools..." She thought out loud.

He nodded, "Yes. But I'm afraid we must be going. There is quite a lot of ground to cover. We must keep searching for the Covenant bases, and wipe them out." He said, getting into a "Ghost". As he rode off, one of the Banshees had dropped off her armor, food and water. Her own special Ghost was waiting for her.

Location: Izahea Vessel (Logistics Center)
Year: 2553

"It appears they're heading towards Base 56-C. That is where we will meet them. I want snipers placed in all the buildings, and the rest of the Infantry to spread out the center. Artillery and scouts will be behind to create cover fire." The eight-foot tall Elite said, pointing to a map.

"General, what is your troop deployment status?" Prophet Izahea asked from a dark corner, her red eyes becoming dimmer by the minute.
"Everyone is down there, we're deploying them now." He replied, throwing a fist toward his armor in salute.

"Excell..." She began, but began to cough un-controllably. "I apologize. My heath is not what it used to be. These Brutes are creating quite a burden."

"Don't worry Prophet, they will be gone before you know it." He replied, bowing to her.

Location: Mountains (Brute Home world)
Year: 2554

The New Year had arrived as they were marching steadily towards their target. Roe had become stronger, and had the will to fight for her Planet. They had realized by now the base would be well defended, as at times, Covenant Drop Ships flew by, just out of reach.
They had reached a crest in the mountain, where below they could see the entire base. It appeared that hundreds, if not thousands of troops were marching back and forth. A dozen tanks lie in wait just beyond the city. They had no idea of the battle they'd face...