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Comments for 'Rogue Beast2'

2:45 am | April 17, 2003
What? The Grunt was heading for the Plasma pistol... Sorry, I must be stupid...
2:36 am | April 17, 2003
No appology needed, my idiot mistake. I need to watch these things, and not read fanfics at 2...
James Kinsella
1:55 am | April 17, 2003
I hope you keep this series alive for a long time. It definetly has the plot going for it. This is the first realistic account of where the Brutes came from. I thank you for your inspiration.
Frensa Geran
1:50 am | April 17, 2003
Ok Ok, I was rude. Not a good way to attract fans. I apologize.
Frensa Geran
8:27 pm | April 16, 2003
WHAT? Did you even read it? It was Roe, the Brute that started the rebellion, not a Grunt? Where did you get Grunt?
8:15 pm | April 16, 2003
You seem a little proud of elites being eight fee tall... A good fanfic, but a few large errors. The plot is believable, but the characters are, in a few ways unbeleivable. The most error filled character, actually the only one, was the Grunt. First, I doubt that a Grunt would commit suicide. There is no doubt in my mind that they have some religious code in regards to suicide. However, this could also be a vehicle to show how desperate the Grunt was, which I was willing to accept. So that turned out alright in the end. However, generally when you are so tired your bones are on the verge of breaking you generally stay that way... Your Grunt seemed to recover very quickly after finding the Brute. This could be to show the hope that the Brute instilled, so again, alright. I didn't notice too many typoes, if any at all, and your grammar was fine, so I really don't have any complaints.
Traumatised Marine
6:36 pm | April 16, 2003
Damn fine read, a fresh idea, and well written.

Frensa Geran? RESPECT.

(Perhaps not a constructive comment, but I'm sure someone else will say something productive.)