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Halo: FotF
Posted By: Frensa Geran<frensageran99@hotmail.com>
Date: 16 March 2003, 6:26 PM

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Note: This Series is a tie in of my first series "Halo: Reunion from Destruction." It describes what occurred between Chapters 1 and 2.

Halo: Fall of the Forerunners
The Hunt

Location: Black Hole Colony Military Base (Human)
Year: 2553

The bright hum of computers and laid back workmen filled the air of the Colony Command Center. They hadn't seen Covenant in many years, and communications with other colonies spoke of good times. Admiral Whitaker leaned back in his seat, sipping coffee as he monitored the sensors.
A wide explosion tore into the SCS Searchlight, causing a bright flash of explosions. Again and again, the blue missiles appeared on radar, smashing into the docking bay and the ships themselves.
"Report!" Whitaker yelled.

"We've got a Covenant Assault Ship heading right for us. But, those missiles aren't Covenant design! And the speed the ships traveling is impossible!" A Crewman responded.

A crash of panels fell and sparks flew from all decks. The rumble and crashing of metal was deafening. Admiral Whitaker could barely hold onto his seat. "Arm the Main Cannon. Fire when in range!"

_Location: Truth and Reconciliation (Bridge)

The goop from the Keyes blob had been wiped clean, and dozens of Flood soldiers manned all the stations. The huge vessel full of bodies gave the Flood ample food to reach their goal. But now they had come across something bigger. An entire fleet of vessels and a Docking bay, all filled with Human bodies. They were more intelligent by the hour, absorbing Cortana's knowledge and the Covenants too. The new weapons they carried would make the Humans easy prey. The ship began to decelerate, floating just above the Base. They'd transport everyone to the ship, making it impossible for them to escape.

_Location: Black Hole Colony Military Base (Human)_

"Fire the cannon, fire at will!" Admiral Whitaker yelled.

"Sir, I'm getting strange readings from the ship. I detect no Covenant. And their power is being re-routed to Transpor.." He began before the orange haze of the transporter overwhelmed him.

_Location: Truth and Reconciliation (Docking Bay)

The hue of orange faded away, over Whitaker. He knew he was aboard the ship, but what of everyone else? He turned around, finding the bay empty, except for a few dead Covenant. He looked to his holster, finding no weapon. As he grabbed a Grunts plasma pistol and grenades, he began to hear the noise. The crackly slimy noise as dozens of Infection forms spewed from the upper levels.
"What the hell are those things!?!" He said to himself.

Just then the doors opened, and popped out a group of human Soldiers, armed with Shotguns and AR's. "Good to see you sir, welcome to the party." He said smiling. "I'm Sergeant Hamel, come with us."

They went through the door that the soldiers came through, finding dead Infection forms, and one odd looking creature. It looked Covenant but its head was gone...

"Sergeant, what the hell may I ask is going on here?" Admiral said.
"I wish I could say sir. One moment I'm on the Searchlight, the next, I'm with a squad of Marines fighting God knows what. They got one of my men." He said as he passed over the body of a Marine.

"Where are we headed?"

"When we first got here, a large group of Marines had already arrived. I guess they had to take people one at a time. They made a base command in a Cargo bay. We should be safe there. I was ordered to find more Marines. Lucky I found you; those green things would've killed you no doubt. These AR's seem to work wonders." He said looking at his gun.

As they turned the corner of the hallway, 12 infection forms were eating away at a marine.

"GET IT OFF! OH GOD IT HURTS!" The Crewman screamed.

The soldiers fired away with their AR's. They had no choice but to kill the man. Either they killed him, or he'd be one of them. As he fell to the floor, the Infection forms began to pop.
As they waited for any more, two huge looking creatures turned towards them. They bobbled back and forth, walking to them slowly.
"Sir, get back!" Sergeant Hamel yelled, firing two rounds of shotgun shells.
The creature exploded, as little Infect forms came closer. AR's began to fire around Admiral Whitaker. He himself fired his pistol, but it seemed too ineffective.
"What the hell was that thing?" Whitaker asked.

"We call them blobs. The little ones are Mice. There's another kind of these things. They're us." The Sarge replied unhappily.
The Admiral dared not ask.
They turned one final hall, finding an open door at the end. "There it is, home sweet home." Sergeant Hamel said relieved.
As he stepped towards the door, he tapped 3 times, stopped, the 4 times. It was the sign it was them.

The door opened revealing hundreds of marines, all of them talking of their experience. Some sad, some revengeful, but most, ready. As Admiral Whitaker walked passed them, the stood up to salute. "At ease." He said, pacing back and forth.

"Now men, how do we get out of here?"