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Comments for 'Halo: FotF'

9:38 pm | March 24, 2003
DAMN I'M GOOD!!! One word off...
Frensa Geran
1:56 am | March 23, 2003
FotF = Fall of the Forerunners. This chapter is actually part 2 of the Fall of the Forerunners tie in. Look for it.. Reunion from Destruction is the base Fan Fic, and this simply fills in what happens from CHapters 1 and 2 of that Fan Fic. Thanks alot for the comments...
8:30 pm | March 22, 2003
I would say fall of the flood unless I knew better... Fate of the Forerunner maybe? I don't know...
Traumatised Marine
12:42 pm | March 19, 2003
I've got to go get lunch at the school canteen before it closes, but I'm printing this off to read as I eat (multitask man), but just a quick question; what is FotF an abreviation for??
12:36 pm | March 19, 2003
Nice. Albiet short, but still good. YOu write better than most of the crappy authors here, though given that you can spell any word over four letters you hae already overtaken some, so I doubt that is anything to be proud of... Good fanfic, a nice concept. I never read your other series though, but this could be a standalone series. I was confused as to how they knew that the flood took people over.. But still, some sacrafices must be made to write a good fanfic. Overall, I am glad that this fanfic is here and that I read it. It is much better than msot of the stuff I read here, and keep up the good work.
5:44 pm | March 18, 2003
The Master Chief Dies? Why would you kill the hero of the entire "Halo Universe"? Anyway it is a great story, it would have been cooler if the MC would have made a daring escape, but oh well I guess you can't please everyone, KEEP WRITING!