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True Purpose(14)
Posted By: Frensa Geran<frensageran99@hotmail.com>
Date: 11 July 2003, 9:49 PM

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True Purpose
Shaking Hands With Guns

Location: Planet 'B' (Civilian City)
Year: 2551

"We have breaking news..." Said an announcer on the monitor.

The entire city hushed, arching their necks to stare up at the large screen that the whole city could see. A woman holding a stack of papers was the anchor.

"Planet 'M', the notorious home of the Covenant in this galaxy, has just contacted Military forces on this planet. No word yet as to what transpired, but sources theorize an alliance is being made, to counter the unknown alien threat. More coverage as it develops..."

Almost everyone in the city went into an uproar,

"They can't do it! Their scum!"

"—It's a trick, a god damn trick!"

"—We must turn to GOD at this time of crisis..."

The riot was becoming more and more dangerous. UNSC Soldiers were sent to stop the mob, picketing signs and throwing rocks into windows. Cars were flipped over, and fires were started.

Location: Planet 'B' (Military Center)
Year: 2551

"The damn fools..." Admiral Forrest said, watching a video monitor in his office, streets of people chanting their disapproval.

"It's as if we wanted the alliance. God knows the last thing we need is to lower our guns and shake their hands. Taking over Planet 'A', then asking for help."

"I wouldn't be surprised if that ship was theirs." The Admirals secretary commented as she stepped into his office, handing him a pile of paperwork.

"The News is calling it the '8 Ball'."

Before Admiral Forrest could continue, a video feed came from his desk. "Jo—jo -nanan -john! I- isssss th—that you? Thank God! The Forerunner Vessel has diverted to Planet 'C', which is where I am. Apparently they're getting frustrated with our speed of evacuation."

"What evacuation?" Forrest responded.

"Exact - ly. As it-t-t-t gets CACA Closer, -- we ke-eep losin-ggg powwerrrr. I don't know..." The screen went dead.

"What the hell happened!?" Forrest shouted, making his secretary jump.

A high-ranking officer ran into his office, sweat dripping down his forehead, "They've destroyed 'C'."

"My GOD! 'F' was one thing, it was small, but C! It was as big as where we sit now. What about debris? Any rocks headed our way?"

"No sir, it turned to dust!"

Location: Underground Command Center (Planet 'A')
Year: 2551

"You've got to be shitting me." Is all the Fleet Admiral could say.

"Good news is that we can finally get out of this office. The Troopers have stood down." The Intel Officer said. "Here comes one now."

A green suited Elite walked past quickly, throwing his fists onto the desk of the Fleet Admiral, making two small holes. "So this is where you were hiding? If the alliance had been commenced one hour later, you'd all of been DEAD!" The deep, shrill voice said from inside the suit.

"What a comforting thought. I would suggest getting to your Drop Ship, they'll be departing soon for the attack."

The Trooper turned his head in confusion, so did the entire office of Humans. "Attack? When was this announced!?"

"I just had a talk with Prophet Grey, your leader. We've discussed options, and have finished plans on the full scale attack on the Forerunner Vessel." He said, handing him a piece of paper entitled, "The Plan":

"Operation 1: All Elite Troopers Stationed on Planet 'A' and The Under-Water Construction facility will be deployed to Planet 'E' and wait for assignment.

Operation 2: All Human Nuclear Warheads will be stockpiled on Planet 'E', and loaded into 15 Proto-type Cloaked Long Swords.

Operation 3: All Standard Long Swords and Banshee fighters will be deployed to Planet 'E', and await further assignment.

Operation 4: Attack."

The final operation seemed plain and decisive, making the Trooper laugh in his armor, the visor shaking. "I praise your plan Human." He said, throwing his right arm over his chest in salute, walking away afterwards.

"What about us sir?" A comm. officer said quietly.

"We stay."

Location: Pelican Drop Ship (en route to Planet 'E')
Year: 2551

The news of the alliance finally caught up with the Chief. He hated the idea of the Covenant on his motion tracker being a yellow color. He wasn't trained all his life to fight Covenant for nothing.

"Sarge, why are we heading to 'E'? I thought Standard Attacks began on Planet 'C'?"

The black Sergeant shook his head in disbelief, his mind obviously still on the disaster, "You would be correct if it hadn't been incinerated." He replied bluntly. The Sarge took of his hat, revealing a baldhead, and put it to his chest and closed his eyes in prayer.

This had caught the Chief off guard, and now found himself not caring of the Covenant, but looking out the back of the Pelican, seeing the black ball, the Forerunner Ship, sit idly by HALO, as if to taunt him to fight.

"And fight I will..." He said in a whisper.

Location: HALO
Year: 2551

"Thank you for coming so quickly!" Guilty Spark said as a greeting to the cloaked and hooded figures that were stepping into an office-like chamber.

"Do not think of it as a sign of friendship you foolish piece of outdated hardware!" One hissed like a snake.

"We're only here because of your foolish mistakes. A single breached door, and you couldn't handle it. Now the Flood are covering the entire Ring, and all your Sentinels are gone." Another one, in a deeper voice said.

"But - but was it necessary to destroy the Humans' planets?" The Guilty Spark said in a nervous voice.

"They are an infestation. No better than the Flood. We allowed them to leave. Gave them 48 hours. Only the Civilians have gone through. The Military, if you could even call it a Military, is still there. We were forced to do it." The deep voiced one said.

"All part of the cycle..." All 3 of them chanted, including the quiet one. The repeated it religiously, "The Cycle.... Cycle... Cycle..."

"Yes, the - the cycle." Guilty Spark said in a sorrowful way.

"Commencement of the HALO cleansing will begin tomorrow, January 1st." The quiet one said, his voice in between the two others.

The high-pitched voice one turned to the deep voiced one, "I think it is time to bring him out. The Cycle will be complete soon."

The deep voiced one nodded, and they all vanished from sight.

To Be Continued...