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Comments for 'True Purpose(14)'

11:58 am | July 13, 2003
God! I'm trying to do the Devil Face, but it keeps deleting it!
11:58 am | July 13, 2003
Whenever I try to do
11:56 am | July 13, 2003
What the!? It didn't post the rest of my message.
As I was saying:

*Grins evily
11:49 am | July 13, 2003
Excellent. 9.79999/10

"Now, for a little unfinished buisness..." Grins Evily
6:09 am | July 13, 2003
Looking forwards to the Finale!
Frensa Geran
3:23 am | July 13, 2003
Hehe, just submitted "The Finale." Boy are you in for quite a big story. Over 3,000 words. I had to put 4 parts or so together into one. It's good, even I thought so, and I have an inferiority complex.

I am glad to be done with the series, though I will miss the universe it took place in... :-(
12:00 am | July 13, 2003
Oh, Forget it.
Frensa Geran
9:07 pm | July 12, 2003
Well I wasn't gonna say anything, but yeah, bull-rushing would pretty much describe it. It was just a filler, since Chapter 15 is the finale.
9:05 pm | July 12, 2003
And now the serious is bull-rushing the conclusion...
Wiley K.
6:27 pm | July 12, 2003
It did.
Frensa Geran
7:50 am | July 12, 2003
This should tide you over until the next part of Buried Treasure.