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Buried Treasure(3)
Posted By: Frensa Geran<frensageran99@hotmail.com>
Date: 11 July 2003, 12:17 AM

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Buried Treasure
Destiny's Test

"The path can take many forms oh Human Child. Be not feared of the ghouls of the night, be not feared of your path." Marla closed the book.

Before she left through the path, Jack had given her a book entitled "The Prophecy", each and ever line about her, and the journey that she was about to take.

So far the journey was quiet, all but her cat meowing for food inside her cloak, scratching it with his claws.
"Settle yourself Joni, I only have a few rations left." She said, "I don't know how long I'll be in this place."

The road never seemed to diverge, the shrubs and tress so thick she could not see through them. The setting suns ahead of her were now only a sliver of light through the overhanging branches, casting an eerie shadow over Marla. Night was falling fast.

Inside one of her pockets was her Fathers letter, something she dwelled on profusely, no matter how hard she tried to get it out of her mind. She re-read it many times before the light vanished, and now only the stars could guide her feet.

She came upon a clearing, the road seemed to widen, and the trees: less thick. It seemed the only opportunity to set up camp.

But camp for her was merely a sleeping bag and a flashlight, used to ward off anyone that dares attack. She had seen no one since she left Nolly, Jack Roll, Fathers friend, waved to her for a long time, as if she'd never return.

"Joni, sleep!!" She cried to her cat that began searching the ground for mice. The cat only hissed and continued on. She gave a hand gesture signaling her uncaring, and lied her head on her small pillow.

She slept soundly for a few hours, midnight past, and 2 o'clock finally was reached. Marla suddenly woke up at the sound of rustling branches. A deep breathing noise was coming from the forest, and a soft cackling laugh.

Marla grabbed her flashlight and pointed it at the trees. It offered little help, as the thickness of the foliage was unbreakable. Still, whatever was moving in the darkness continued, the sound of breaking twigs getting louder. It was as if metal boots were smashing into the ground, hard.

"Who - who goes there!?" She cried nervously. The only response was another chuckle of laughter.

"I - I'm armed!" She said.

The breathing ceased, and a voice, as deep as thunder rose, "I sure would hope you're not. That would violate Regulation Code Treaty #343. I'd have to take you in."

She knew right off it was the Elite she met at the Nolly Checkpoint, and again on the street. "So it's you again. Why must you keep pestering me!?" She said angrily.

"I would hold your tongue girl. I know what you're after, and I've come to stop you. The letter I gave you held an audio device." The Elite said with a smirk.

Marla pulled out the letter and looked closely at it. Just at the very top, a small device, big enough to sit at the top of a needle was located. "Bastard." Was all Marla could muddle out as she stared at it.

"Don't go looking for ghosts Marla. Jack Roll is nuts, just as stupid as your Father. Now..." He said sternly, stepping out of the trees, his green armor shining in the light. "You will come with me, and you will be charged with treason of the Covenant Empire."

Another rustling of branches came from behind them, as a hooded figure with a shotgun stepped out of the greens. "She won't be going anywhere." The man said. Marla knew who it was. Jack had come to rescue her.

He fired a shot in the air as a warning, took of the cloak and pulled out his walking stick. He was breathing very deeply, cringing in pain as he took step after step. He'd obviously had a lot of energy taken from him to not use the stick.

"Foolish Human. Don't think I won't return. I'll be bringing some friends..." The Elite said, stomping off into the forest. Moments later his purple sphere ship jetted off into the night sky.

Jack walked up, smiling widely, "Marla, are you alright? Did he hurt you?" He asked, his eyes filled with sorrow.

"No - no I'm fine." She responded, lifting the letter to show Jack. "He put an audio device on here." She said, ripping the top of the letter of and crushing in with her flashlight.

"When you left, I began reading the end of 'The Prophecy'. It said:

"God has risen to you girl, if not for your hero of the night, death would have come to you."

I knew right away who I was in this prophecy. I've come to help."

Marla looked up at him with great care, and hugged him lightly as not to hurt his leg. "What about the Covenant. They'll be back he said."

Jack rolled his eyes, "When the Savior has risen, and no amount of Covenant will stop us my dear." He said reassuringly.

Marla gave a smile and grabbed under his arm, slowly lifting him to his feet.

"So where'd you get the shotgun?" She asked.

"That's my own ruddy business..." He replied jokingly.

"Where is the girl?" The Prophet asked, slamming his fist on the chair.

"Master Fang, please - please, just give me one more chance!" The Elite said in a whimper in front of the shadowy figure of the Prophet.

He had landed his sphere ship in the city large Covenant Control Station. The base was large enough to encompass a hundred of the Battle Cruisers from a thousand years ago.

"I - I just need a few Jackals to complete the job. She's got some old Human with her with a shotgun. There was nothing I could do!"

"Thousands of years of technology put into your armor, and you were stopped by a hermit with a BB gun? I should execute you for your incompetence! You will get no support. You will kill the man and bring the girl to me."

"Yes - yes my - my lord!"

"She cannot be allowed to find the Spartan. It would cause quite a stir with the Humans. They may get their courage back..."

To Be Continued...