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Comments for 'Buried Treasure(3)'

Wiley K.
11:26 am | July 12, 2003
7:59 pm | July 11, 2003
Riviting Frensa truley riveting and unique! Your story is packed with suspense damn the suspense cliff hanger after cliff hanger! 10/10/10 keep them coming!
Frensa Geran
7:50 pm | July 11, 2003
Sorry guys, due partly to writers block and of time constraints, Part 4 (Dome) will not be out this next release. I will finish it over the weekend, so you'll get it either Sunday or Monday.

Sorry and thanks for your praise. :-)
6:14 pm | July 11, 2003
YEAH! The suspense is like: Shooting me with a machine gun 20 times, stepping all over my bloody body, punching out all of my teeth, and pooing all over my face!.........Well, not that bad. 10/10
12:11 pm | July 11, 2003
I like it. The story is well built, and the suspense is eating me alive. I greatly anticipate the next one.
Frensa Geran
3:50 am | July 11, 2003
Patience young padawan...
3:45 am | July 11, 2003
Damn it Frensa, the suspense is killing me! Good job, and write a longer one next time where we actually get to see John-117, and get an explanation for why the humans lost and how he disappeared for 1000 years.