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True Purpose(12)
Posted By: Frensa Geran<frensageran99@hotmail.com>
Date: 30 June 2003, 12:44 AM

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True Purpose
The Flag is Raised

Location: Planet 'A' Capital City
Year: 2551

Prophets of all colors were sitting on their purple hover seats, looking out over the large balcony upon the beautiful wilderness. Smiles and laughing all around, while in the back round, fires from pillaged cities and burnt tanks send thick black smoke into the atmosphere.

Two Troopers were standing next to a door within the Capital Building, guarding something quite valuable. The first looked over across the door to the other. "What are they hiding in there? They've been in there for hours!"

The other raised his hand, "Calm your spirit, the Prophets told me of the value of the find."

The other Trooper had an anxious tone on his rough Elite voice, "What is it!?!"

The other shook his head, "They only told me it could turn the tides of the war in the blink of an eye. That it could wipe out the entire Human race, everywhere in the galaxy. No more, she spoke."

A Prophet was walking by, and each retook their post, and nodded kindly.

Location: Swamp (HALO)
Year: 2551

"Sentinels 1 - 345 fall back to emergency positions. Eliminate only the strongest Flood forms." Called a very nervous Guilty Spark, watching through his monitors as millions of Infection forms, and Warrior forms broke out from every seam.

All Sentinels with a weapon were sent around the ringworld. Half of it was out of bounds from over population of Flood.

The Monitor shook his head, and mumbled a curse to himself, and activated a transmitter. "This is Instillation 034 to Forerunner High Command, please respond. In need of tactical assistance..."

A large, dark figure, hodded with a brown robe came through the view screen, with large galaxies behind him, obviously outside of the Galactic Edge, where no galaxies could be found, the Forerunner Home.

"This is Forerunner High Command, what is your situation?"

"I am 356 Guilty Spark, Monitor of this instillation, the Flood have broken free, after a Human male opened a hatch. It was out of my hands. The Flood has spread across the ring, and there are a few dozen Sentinels left. Send a battle Cruiser, and destroy the ring."

"Understood 356, dispatching now."

Location: Unknown
Year: 2551

The Chief casually walked out of the white holding chamber, and suddenly found himself in a narrow white hallway. At one end, a Bridge that stretched across the mile long loading dock to the other side of the facility. At the end of the Bridge, a sign in Covenant had a list of locations at the other end:

Covenant Quarters 56-C
Main Battle Test Facilities 3 - 5
Molding Plant
Ghost Speeder recycling Plant
Elite Trooper CryoRooms

"CryoRooms?" The Chief said to himself. Suddenly a clicking sound was coming down the hallway, sounding very familiar. He realized a Grunt was coming down the hallway.

The Chief pulled out his plasma rifles and aimed them, waiting for the Grunt to come. The Grunt merrily turned the corner towards the Chief, but something was odd. The Grunt didn't seem shocked at all, in fact the Grunt was smiling, and began to run up to the Chief.

"A Trooper! Oh my sir, an honor to meet one of you!" It said in a high-pitched voice.

The Chief stared in amazement, and the laughed to himself. It thought he was an Elite trooper. Not to cause suspicion, the Chief nodded.

"Oh sir, I have a MILLION questions!"

The Chief was becoming frustrated not being able to speak, so he simply pushed the Grunt out of the way, and walked on. The Grunt still seemed merry.

"Nice meetin' you sir!" It said, and continued walking down the hall in a jig.

The Chief made it to the entrance of the Bridge, but at the other end, two Elite's were coming down the bridge, pointing at him and growling their teeth. He must have sounded an alarm.
Quickly he pulled out his rifles and began firing pop shots, hitting a few times, damaging their shields. The Lights of the white room suddenly became red, and a klaxon of alarms filled the silence. There seemed to be no way out...

Location: Underground Command Center (Planet 'A')
Year: 2551

"Admiral, we've got a lock on the Chiefs location, but..."

"But what son?" The Admiral interrupted.

The Intel Officer had a grim look on his face. "I'm locating him inside the Water Planet. About a mile under the surface, we're reading his body armor. Out sensors can barely identify him."

The Water Planet was a huge planet in which all the Moons circled, made entirely of water. "So the Covenant put a base there? Ingenious bastards I'd say."

"The Structure he's located in is massive! It's about three kilometers long, and a mile high in length. What could they possibly be making there?" Asked the Intel Officer.

The thought suddenly hit the Fleet Admirals mind like a battering ram. "Troopers..." Was all the Admiral said, getting querying looks from the officers in their cubicles.

"Troopers sir?" Asked a small, slender woman, manning the comm. station.

"The things that invaded here, Marines that lived from the encounter described impenetrable green armor." The Admirals eyes were ablaze, as if a light clicked in his head.

"The Covenant have captured him, copied his battle armor. My God, they may have hundreds more on the way." He said, and then turning to the Intel Officer, "I want..." He began to say, before his desk started to rattle, as did the entire underground officer.

"What's going on?" He said, looking up as pieces of dust fell from the ceiling.

"The Icarus has locked coordinates on our facility. I don't think it'll get through for an hour or so..." The Intel Officer responded, looking as if he'd suddenly become tired with stress.

Location: Planet 'A' (Atmosphere)
Year: 2551

"Corporal, tell the fleet of LongSwords to target that giant ship orbiting 'A'." Came the General of the Pelican Fleet, on their way back from Planet 'H'.

"And have the Pelicans drop off near the Northern continent, outside of the large city of Perul. We'll make our counter-attack against the Covies there."

The white bearded Corporal nodded, taking a radio in hand, giving his orders.

Location: Icarus
Year: 2551

"Sir, the humans are attacking us!" A Grunt said, running from his post on the Bridge in fear.

Suddenly the wide view screen in the front locked onto a hundred LongSword bombers, hurtling hundreds of bombs into the center of the Icarus. The explosions rocked the entire facility, until the entire thing gave way, and split in half, the beam of light discontinued firing on the Planet.

"LongSword Squad to ground teams, that laser thingy is out of order, awaiting orders..."

Location: Planet 'F' (Space Anomaly Monitoring Station)
Year: 2551

"Whoa, uh sir!" Said a Crewman, pointing to his screen.

An old, wrinkly man stepped up, and gave a quick look at the monitor. "My God, it's the size of a small moon! Crewman, get the Fleet Admiral on the line!"

"Ay sir..." He replied, tapping on his console. A light on his station flashed, acknowledging receiving the call.
"This is the Planet 'F' monitoring station, we're detecting a large object that just jumped out of transwarp with no Covenant warp sig detected, it's... Unknown. Roughly the size of Planet 'A', it's heading towards the HALO..."

The response didn't come, until the Fleet Admiral appeared on the screen. "Do your other systems report the same Crewman?"

"Yes sir."

"And it's not an asteroid?"

"No sir, I'm detecting weird energy readings from it, but I cannot penetrate the hull." He replied.

"Well..." The Fleet Admiral began, when suddenly the signal was lost.

The entire station went out, lights flickering. The backups came on, and so did a new communication. "Sir, I'm getting a message from the object."

He played it:

"Unknown Invaders, evacuate your worlds and exit through the HALO. Ask no questions, do not attempt to fight, or face destruction."

The message was text only, and the signature was in writing of an unknown language.

Suddenly a beam of light came from the object, and fired on the small asteroid sized moon of Planet 'F'. In seconds the light disappeared, the moon turned to dust, leaving nothing left, the Forerunners had arrived...

To Be Continued...