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Comments for 'True Purpose(12)'

11:13 am | July 3, 2003
Wait a sec, so arguing with someone about a story shows respect?! Heh heh heh, now I know how to show 'respect' in english class....:-D
Frensa Geran
12:34 am | July 3, 2003
Well from what I could tell, it was a "discussion" about the future of the story.

An "argument" would have two girls in bikini's bitch slapping eachother while mud wrestling. Now you know the definition of "argument!" Impress your teachers!
1:10 pm | July 2, 2003
This story has a certain degree of Coolness to it. I believe its a 10/10. ^_-
11:20 am | July 2, 2003
wowserz the forerunner blew up a whole frakin planet, if the marines stay thier screwed................ 10/10 :)
The Scribe
5:06 am | July 2, 2003
Nice way with words. Like it the story, keep it up, Frensa. 10/10.
Frensa Geran
12:09 am | July 2, 2003
OOO!!! Discussions and foreshadowing!! That's the highest respect I've ever been given as a Fan Fic author, I thank you!
10:01 pm | July 1, 2003
It blew up a freaking planet...I'd say no that the UNSC could win, and even if they did it could just blow the shit outa all the palanets and they'd starve to death.
10:01 pm | July 1, 2003
9:48 pm | July 1, 2003
Nice story, 10/10.

One thing...
I might bet that the UNSC Fleet, MAC guns and Longbows at the ready, could beat the Forerunner Battleship... ;-)