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True Purpose(9)
Posted By: Frensa Geran<frensageran99@hotmail.com>
Date: 8 June 2003, 12:38 AM

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True Purpose

Location: Unknown
Year: 2551

Blackness surrounded the Chief, as his eyes had yet to open. The soft moan of ships engines gave him the clue he was still on board the Drop Ship, being taken to who knows where. His eyes opened.

It was obvious he was not on a Drop Ship, but a large, completely white room, with a table and two chairs. One of the chairs was occupied. By what, he did not know.

"Ah, our patient has awakened. I was afraid the anesthetics were a bit strong for a Human body." Said the creature in a friendly voice.

The Chief rose up immediately and tried to reach for a weapon, but he had none. "Where am I?" He said, squinting his eyes a bit. It appeared to be a Prophet, young and strong.

"I'm afraid my superiors have left some details to be unknown to you. Just know you are safe. I am Dr. Reran, Chief of Military Science of the Covenant Federation. You are very important to us. Did you know that?"

Location: Swamp (HALO)
Year: 2551

"What is the Flood? What are you?" Collins said trying to take all this knowledge in.

"I'm afraid there is no time for pleasantries, the Flood microbe has already escaped."

"Escaped?" Collins said. "How could a microbe escape that fast?"

"Through your body of course. I'm afraid that you are infected with the virus. Protocol does suggest you do not stand near Flood bodies for the time you did. You can see what that did to your colleague here." Guilty Spark said looking to the dead body.

"AH!" Collins said loudly, clutching his chest.

Guilty Spark nodded, "As you can see, the virus is a fast worker. It has already begun to manifest in your liver. I'm afraid I'll be forced to lock you in here."

Collins stood up and pushed the blue ball out of the way, heading for the elevator controls.

"I'm afraid I cannot allow you to run away. You will spread the virus. Please, simply step inside and I will replace the door."

"No, I won't die here from some blue ball!" He screamed, trying in vein to start the elevator.

Suddenly two dark metal robots came down the shaft, pointing their lasers at Collins. "My Sentinels will be forced to exterminate you if you do not enter the containment area. You have no choice."

Location: Planet 'A' (atmosphere)
Year: 2551

The explosion of the Gaza was a bright star during the dayside of Planet 'A'. Military officers that were running gazed up at the ship as it exploded. Large pieces of the ship were already about to crash to the surface.

The ringing of sirens was similar to that of 'H' before the nuke had fallen. It was a cold and ironic twist of fate. "ATTENTION ALL MILITARY PERSONNEL, PLEASE MOVE TO YOUR SHELTERS IMMEDIATELY. TIME TO FRAGMENT IMPACT: 2 MINUTES." Came a cold computer voice all over the moon. Panic had stricken the entire area, as small bits and pieces of the ship were easily visible, on the verge of colliding with the moon.

Then the impacts began. Each and every impact was like a giant bomb going off, sending a small shockwave, and killing many people. Fires sprung up all over the moon, and the once peaceful grasslands, became smoldering ruins.

Location: Fleet Admirals underground office (Planet 'A')
Year: 2551

"Sir, I just the got the latest intelligence. The last of the impacts are over, but the death toll is heading up into a few million."

The Fleet Admiral sat at his desk with a bottle of brandy, and poured it into a small glass. His eyes hung low, it was obvious he was awake all night.

"What's the status on the de-fusion team? Did they make it out of the ship?"

The Intel officer shook his head. "Sergeant Baker and his team were killed instantly when it imploded. Our cleanup and radioactive teams are heading to crash sites to salvage the wreckage."

The Fleet Admiral nodded his head and sipped the brandy slowly, taking it all in. The status of the Human occupation was at a breaking point.

"How about Planet 'H's nuking status? Has the third bomb been fired?"

"Affirmative sir, we're reading massive casualties on their side. Most large cities and turret emplacements are all but gone. Our ground assault will begin soon."

Location: Covenant Battle Fleet (orbit around 'M')
Year: 2551

"Gentlemen," General Maron said upon a tall pillar, overlooking an auditorium of Grunts, Jackals, Elites and Hunters. "I know you know what we have to do. The Humans have fired three large weapons on Planet 'H', killing millions. Will we stand here and wait for them to do it again?"

The large crowd grumbled and clicked their refusal to do nothing. General Maron nodded with a smile, "I thought so. Within the next few days, we will prep the destruction of Planet 'A', the Human home moon. Our 18 Battle Cruisers will attack on all fronts, wiping out their vessels and ground troops. Once 'A' has fallen, the rest will go down like dominos!"

The crowd cheered and fired shots of plasma up into the air. Behind the General, the main Prophet was sitting in a chair, and nodding with acceptance.

"Very nice speech General. I hope you can live up to it." The Prophet said.

"You can count on it sir. The Humans won't even put up a fight."

The Prophet grew a smile; "I have a proposition for you. How would you like to send only one ship to 'A', and win?"


"Meet me in my office. I'll give you the details there."

Location: Unknown
Year: 2551

"Important? Why would I be considered important?"

The Prophet laughed, "Your cybernetic implants, your suit, all of it would make a valuable asset to the Covenant Empire. If we were to analyze your suit, we could make hundreds of them in no time at all, and fit them for our Elites."

It sunk in to the Chief. "You've duplicated my suit?"

Without a word, the Prophet looked behind the Chief, as the white covers of windows suddenly disappeared, showing a large bay of some kind. Hundreds of green troops were lined in perfectly straight order, holding Plasma rifles in their hands. A clone army was upon them.

"As you can see, our Elites responded much better than you Humans did during the SPARTAN project. We already have 200 Elite Troopers standing by for their first mission."

"What's their mission?" The Chief asked grimly.

"Why, the destruction of Planet 'A'. It will be an easy task for them. I'm afraid your race has lost. This galaxy is ours."

To Be Continued...