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Comments for 'True Purpose(9)'

Frensa Geran
12:05 am | June 13, 2003
30 out of 10? Wow, it's impossibly good? Or just as good as 3 series in one?
9:12 pm | June 12, 2003
EXCELLENT Sieries! I give it 30/10! (^_^)
Agent Shade
5:56 pm | June 9, 2003
bueno mi amigo, muy bueno 9.5/10
Wiley K.
11:33 am | June 9, 2003
What are you talking about? "Reunion from Destruction" was my favorite series at that time. I thought that was an awesome story.
9:25 am | June 9, 2003
Really nice story, I guess there is no way out now.
Frensa Geran
1:30 am | June 9, 2003
Yeah, but the ending I made screwed it all up. I had a good concept "A Halo buried in Earth" but turned it into "Earth go boom and evwee won die"
12:07 am | June 9, 2003
I was only 10 at that time ya know
Frensa Geran
9:45 pm | June 8, 2003
Thanks, that would be a compliments seeing as there are hundreds of series. I was just looking back on "Reunion from Destruction" and I laugh seeing how awful I wrote. It seems Halo has improved my writing ability on top of everything else.

And it lowered my cholesterol!
8:49 pm | June 8, 2003
9.5 This is my farvorite seris now that ONI has ended.
Wiley K.
8:38 pm | June 8, 2003
Yeaah! Keep them coming! 9.5/10
Frensa Geran
8:09 pm | June 8, 2003
It would seem I'm going for a record on how many sections I can make for this. I have no end of ideas, so this series may for on for quite some time.