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True Purpose(5)
Posted By: Frensa Geran<frensageran99@hotmail.com>
Date: 19 May 2003, 10:58 PM

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True Purpose
Coming Together

Location: Planet M (Covenant Main Moon)
Year: 2550

Prophet Faze slammed his frail fingers on the comm. panel, hearing the news of 'G's loss. The Human's were like a plague to him, sucking away resources; prying into depths of space they had no right to.
They had activated the Ring's main abilities, analyzed the Flood, and found out secrets they should never have. The Covenant had closed all of the Rings millennia ago, hoping that the Humans would never pry. They failed.

"Prophet, sir!" Came his Elite Guard, Mogul.

"Update on 'H' defenses." He said. "We've re-routed all non-essential personnel and defense weapons to 'H'. 3 Heavy Cruisers have been called back as well, though one has not responded.

"Which?" Faze replied.

"The Gaza. It was assigned to attack the UNSC Columbia. Last transmission stated they had succeeded."

The Prophet looked worried, and came up with a quick answer. "Send a few Drop Ships with Banshee escort, I want to know what happened."


Location: Covenant Main Base (Planet 'G')
Year: 2550

"Sergeant Collins, the Drop Ship is waiting. Sarge?" Came one of his men, sitting on a Drop Ship at the top of the Prophet Building.

"Huh?" He said, gazing at the green plains to the North. "Oh yes, thank you Private." He replied, taking his AR's strap, putting it around his shoulder and hopping in.

The Pelican began to lift, high into the clouds. Collins got a view of the entire green plain, with white-capped mountains beyond it, and a blue sea beyond that. Conceiving what he had just done, as he had always. He killed countless, just for him, for a view. It was just a view, nothing more. He'd never get to build a home by the ocean, or on the top of a mountain cap. He'd never cruise in a Warthog along the endless green valleys, the wind in his hair.

He was a Solider, nothing more. Retirement was decades away, by which time he'd most likely be killed. He turned to face the 10 Privates under his command, each cheering in celebration of the win. They'd never know true sadness.

The Pelican dove and swerved unusually, shaking strong. Collins was confused at first, but then he looked at the Privates faces, each looking out the back. Collins turned his head, finding 3 Banshees on their tale, firing their cannons.

"Hold on."

Location: Docking Bay (Covenant Cruiser Gaza)

The Chief sprinted quickly into the docking bay, sighing with relief upon the sight of a Banshee. He walked casually towards it, unwary of the enemy watching his every move.

"Going somewhere?" The deep voice said, coming from seemingly everywhere.

The Chief jumped at the sound, pointing his Battle Rifle around, looking for the enemy. Sweat ran down his forehead, looking hard at each area in his visor.

Suddenly a large push came from behind, knocking the Chief onto the ground. He quickly regained himself and began firing towards the direction he was pushed.

"Where are you?" He shouted in anger.

"What's wrong? All that technology buried deep inside you, giving you the powers of a God, and you can't see me? I'm shocked Mark."

"You know my name?"

"I know quite a lot Mark. For example, I know of the 3 Drop Ships and Banshees that are moments away. And of the Regiments of Jackals and Grunts on their way here. You want to know where I am?" The voice said.

In the corner of the room, an Elite slowly began to appear, holding a Plasma Sword in its right hand, laughing. "You think you'll escape now? Where will you go? Your precious cruiser is lying on the sand desert of 'C'. You remember 'C' don't you Mark? Where you slaughtered every Covenant you came across? You know where my family lived, not harming anyone? Remember 'C' MARK!?" He said in a fury, charging rapidly.

The Chief began to fire, with each bullet bouncing off the sword, which was aiming right at him. The Chief tuck and rolled, kicking the shin of the Elite. The Elite stumbled, roaring wildly, swinging the sword back and forth.

Mark was pushed into a corner, his Battle Rifle empty. It seemed hopeless to escape. The Elite charged him, just as Mark jumped up, and beat the Elite over the head with his gun. The Elite didn't die, but merely was dazed.

That was Marks chance. He sprinted over to the Banshee, and hopped in, just as the Covenant were flooding in. The Drop Ships and Banshees were a few kilometers ahead, so Mark turned it around, heading for HALO, the only place that was safe. Or so he thought...

Location: Atmosphere (Planet 'G')
Year: 2550

"This is Pelican Echo 112, to any UNSC Longswords. We are under attack by 3 Covenant Banshees, in need of assistance!" Came the Pelican pilot.

Collins was sitting in the back, firing his pistol futilely at the oncoming Banshees. They were so close; they could see the Elite legs from the back. A few plasma shots came very close to Collins head, while another struck a bright eyed Private in the forehead, killing him instantly.

Collins looked out over 'G' again, this time with renewed zeal. He wasn't about to let Covenant take the planet he worked so hard to take.

"Private Megan, you're in charge!" He said, grabbing the edge of the Pelican.

"Sir?" He replied.

Collins took a deep breath, and jumped onto the nearest Banshee. It shook back and forth violently, trying to shake him off. His fingers dug into the curves of the ship, as he tried to move towards the back. He crept slowly, as not to arouse any suspicion. He couldn't hold his breath for much longer, so he jumped again, while grabbing the Elite's foot. A roar came from inside the cockpit, as Collins pulled on him. Suddenly he released, Collins then let go of the foot, and grabbed the controls.

The other two Banshees were none the wiser, each still firing on the Pelican. Collins maneuvered towards one, slowing down to get behind it. He fired the cannon, sending the Banshee flying towards the ground in flames.

The other Banshee was now onto him, and began to chase him towards the Pelican. The Privates inside began to fire, except for one, who looked quite nervous. As the Banshee got closer, the Private leaped onto it, trying to kill the Elite. Collins couldn't fire now, so he immediately sped away.

He turned back to find the Banshee succeeded, and had thrown the Private off of him. It continued to fire on the Pelican, until it finally gave way, sending the large machine in flames.

Collins could go nowhere now, except for HALO. He couldn't go back or else be spotted, and killed. It was the only way.

To Be Contined...