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Comments for 'True Purpose(5)'

9:02 am | June 1, 2003
Good message about the covies having feelings. MC killing your family would make you hate MC,and spend your life trying to kill him so good work for showing that. Realism of characters helps a story come to life, I think.
Frensa Geran
5:04 am | May 26, 2003
So did anyone want the image or?
3:45 pm | May 25, 2003
i liked it. especially when collins jumpedo onto the banshee. good work
7:57 pm | May 24, 2003
9/10 Good
Frensa Geran
10:46 pm | May 23, 2003
Could anyone give more specific feedback about the plot. What parts you like and hate so I don't make it worse.
Agent Shade
5:47 pm | May 22, 2003
hey dude, i would've commented earlier, but my friends stayed on the comp all night...this was a good story. i find i dont look for grammar problems or spelling mistakes. if they are there, they are there, you can always fix them. i love the plot of stories, and this one is really good. keep it up 9/10
Frensa Geran
10:08 pm | May 21, 2003
I dunno if any cares enough about this story for it, but I drew a map of the Moons, showing where the are, size, resources, and defenses. Also where the Columbia was attacked, and where the HALO is.

Just post e-mail here if you want it.