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True Purpose(4)
Posted By: Frensa Geran<frensageran99@hotmail.com>
Date: 13 May 2003, 2:40 AM

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True Purpose
Battle of 'G'

Location: Covenant Primary Base (Planet 'G')
Year: 2550

The windows shuttered in the capital building, as round after round of tank fire toppled the buildings it stood next to. Prophet Furiek, a male, looked out the wide-open windows, watching small bursts of yellow come from a far hill, followed by the wisp and crash of the shell.

"Commander..." She said, raising her hand motioning an Elite forward.
"Yes my Lord?" He said saluting.

The Prophet turned away from him, "Have the base defenses been put up?"

"Yes sir, the Grunts and Jackals are patrolling the streets, and Hunters have secured the buildings as small artillery."

The Prophet smiled, "Excellent, prepare my Drop Ship."

The Elite looked startled, "Sir? We must stay and fight with the rest!"

"No. This planet is theirs. They may have won this planet, but Planet 'H' is one of our most guarded moons. The rich resources of water and steel make it a valuable target. Have your Elite squadrons transport to 'H' with us. There, they will see our true might!"

The Prophets hover chair lifted from the ground, while his nimble fingers controlled its movements. The large doors opened, only to find the two Elite Guards dead, with bullet holes all over the walls.

Suddenly, a clicking sound was heard. It got closer, and sounded like dinging noise, as if something was hitting a wall. The Elite looked to its feet, finding a dark yellow sphere explode, killing him and the Prophet.

"Ok Boys! Move in, secure the area! I want Snipers covering that window for any reinforcements." Sergeant Collins yelled, thrusting his hand forward through the door. He moved in slowly, turning left and right, AR steady. The room was clear.

10 more men stepped in, with 5 Snipers, each lining the window, cutting holes through the glass, big enough for their muzzles. Ahead of them, the Marines could see the tanks on the hill with white smoke lines hitting Covenant forces. The General's Sniper Team had arrived, just as he promised.

"General. 'G' is ours."

Location: Covenant Cruiser (Bridge)
Year: 2550

"Captain, HQ reports 'G' has been taken over by the Humans. They request we return to 'H' so we may fortify the defenses."

The Captain, coated in White armor, stood by the control panels, and turned to the Elite speaking to him, "Very well, tell them we'll arrive within the hour." He turned to the navigation controller. "Lieutenant, set a course for..." He began before a scream came from outside the door.

"What the hell is going on in there?" The Captain asked.

A group of Jackals crept up close to the door, before the force of a grenade that incinerated the door threw them back. Out came the Chief, guns blazing towards the control panels. The Elite's shields began to fail; they were defenseless.

"I don't think you're going anywhere!" He said to a Grunt heading for a security switch. Firing two bullets into its tank, the Grunt fell to the floor with a squish as it landed on its own blood.

The Chief moved up towards the panels, and started the self-destruct sequence. Alien numbers slowly began to count down, starting at 15 minutes. The Chief rushed out the door towards the Docking Bay, where, hopefully, he'd find a Banshee.

Location: Planet 'C' (Columbia Crash Site)
Year: 2550

Groups of Elites were aboard the Bridge, looking through file after file of the Human Data Arrays. Everything was wiped clean. Earth's location, Combat Movements, all deleted before the Humans left.

An Elite slammed the console, speaking alien curses. "It's all gone. We must leave immediately, for the Human Captain called for support."

"This support?" A Marine called, chucking a grenade.

The explosion rattled the already torn up bridge, covering it with purple blood. The rest of the Elites went down quickly to AR fire. 4 Marines were right outside the door while one, the Sergeant, stepped inside.

He walked into the Bridge, finding it completely desolate. The entire crew made it safely home it appeared. Searching around the Main Bridge, he found Captain Marshal, his head lying to his side; the burn mark of a pistol behind his head. He didn't bother to check a pulse, for he knew the answer.

A call came from outside, "Hey Sarge, find anything? The Drop Ship is waiting. There's a Covenant Cruiser heading towards Planet 'A' on a self-destruct sequence. We think it may be kamikaze! Anything you need help with in there?

The Sergeant turned towards the Captain. "No marine. I'm heading out. Tell the Drop Ship I'll be out shortly"

The Sarge patted the Captain on the shoulder, and began to walk away. He stopped suddenly, and turned around back towards him. He took the Captains body on his arms, and placed him in the Command Chair, putting his hands on the sides of the seat and gave a moment of silence. Taking his hat, he put it on his chest, saying in a deep silence,

"Gods Speed..."

To Be Continued...