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Comments for 'True Purpose(4)'

Frensa Geran
10:24 pm | May 20, 2003
*correction, JPEG. The Paint file was outragiously pig.
Frensa Geran
10:23 pm | May 20, 2003
I dunno if any cares enough about this story for it, but I drew a map of the Moons, showing where the are, size, resources, and defenses. Also where the Columbia was attacked, and where the HALO is.

Just post here if you want it. MS Paint File.
1:17 am | May 15, 2003
Its nice to see that not everyone just writes bloodbath after bloodbath with little plot tying them together. The story was fine, keep 'em coming.
Frensa Geran
6:07 pm | May 14, 2003
Hmm, didn't really expect negative feedback. It was obvious the Prophet would die? Well, a grenade under his feet would imply that would it? And the chapter, "stinks"? Wow, can't argue with that.

Kool Blimp, I'm not sure whether that is a jest at the Planet Name, an insult on "not enough gore" or a compliment on writing?
3:39 pm | May 14, 2003
it was kind of obvious that the prophet was going to be blown to shreds. This stinks! But keep on writing!
Kool Blimp
1:48 pm | May 14, 2003
If this were a movie, it would be rated G.